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Buying In Bulk Is Not Always Cheaper

I get e-mails every once in a while where people ask the age old question- is buying in bulk cheaper?

We get into discussions about diapers, formula, toilet paper, coupons, drug stores and all kinds of outliers.

This morning while I was in Food Lion I saw one of those things that makes me stand behind my original thoughts- buying in bulk is NOT always cheaper.

I took this picture of a can of tomato sauce.  It is 8 oz.  Note the price.

food lion tomato sauce [1]

Then I took this picture of a can of 15 oz of the same product.

food lion tomato sauce big [2]

Which one is cheaper- to buy two cans of the 8 oz or one can of the 15 oz?

Always be sure to pay attention to price when you grab things- bigger is not always better!

That’s not to say there aren’t good things to buy at Food Lion- check out the current Food Lion Deals [3]!