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Budget 2011: What Is A Stockpile?

It occurred to me today that although I talk about having a stockpile on both this blog and in my coupon classes, I haven’t ever actually talked about what one is or how to build it.  So let’s take a second and have a chat.

What is a stockpile?  It’s the “pile” or location where you keep extra groceries and supplies for your house that you buy at a discounted price.

Why keep a stockpile?  It saves you money!  Have you ever had to run out at the last minute and pay too much money for normal household staples (toilet paper, Ziploc bags, laundry detergent)?  By stockpiling you never run out of the things you need.

When do I stockpile?  This is the fun part.  Whenever you find a good deal on something (usually using your price book [1]) pick up an extra one or two.   Let’s say there is a good deal on toothpaste so instead of one, you grab two.  You put one wherever you brush your teeth and the other goes in your stockpile for when you need it.  That way when your current tube is empty, you have another ready to go without having to buy it at full price!

How do I stockpile?  Just grab things when they are on an extreme sale (or free).  When there are very good coupons in the paper I may grab an extra or call a friend who won’t use the coupon and ask if I can have it.  That way I can grab two of something.  One goes in my pantry and one goes in my stockpile!

Where do I keep my stockpile?  That’s an excellent question!  And keep an eye on A Frugal Chick for the answer coming soon!