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Budget 2011: The Great Clothes Hanger Trick

Hopefully by now you have cleaned out your closets [1], made your donations and are prepared to sell your valuable unused items.

However if you just can’t bring yourself to part with your clothing I have a suggestion you may try for the new year (remember the average female only wears about 30% of what is in her closet).  It’s very easy and won’t cost you a penny.

Take everything hanging in your closet and adjust the coat hangers so that they are hanging “backwards.”  (I can’t think of any other way to describe it than “backwards.”  If you look at the picture it is the peach hangers.) 

Once you have removed and worn an item from your closet, hang it BACK up the “correct way” (like the teal and red hangers in the picture). 

This way your closet is keeping track of what you ACTUALLY wear.  In a few months all the winter clothes that are still hung backwards need to be donated or sold.  These are items you really do not ever use and are just taking up room.

The same can be done with all summer clothes as well.  By removing these extra items from your house you are creating a better feeling environment with less clutter! 

I will be doing this as well- I know I have WAY too many clothes in my house.  So on New Years Eve I will get everything organized and let you know how many items I have hanging in my closet.  As the year progresses I will purge it down to smaller numbers and let you know how it goes.  Hopefully by this time next year my closets will be much emptier!