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Budget 2011: Shopping the Thrift/Second-Hand Stores

A good used clothing store is a gold mine.  I will tell you any money saving secret I have EXCEPT my favorite thrift stores.  Those are for me to know!

One of the big ways you can save in 2011 is to utilize thrift or second hand stores for clothing.  As a kid I loved going to the thrift stores because I could have ANYTHING in the store- none of it was too expensive!

Here are my tips for thrift store shopping:

Dress Properly:  Thrift stores usually don’t have dressing rooms.  Make sure you have on form-fitting clothes so you can slip stuff over them and make sure they fit!

Grab It When You See It: Most second hand stores don’t have multiple of the same item.  If you see something you like grab it and put it in the cart!  Once you have gone through all the racks, you can find a quiet corner and check all of your treasures.  Whatever you decide not to keep you can always put back!

Know the Store’s Sales:  Yes, thrift stores have sales too.  Call ahead and find out if they have sales!

Know the Neighborhood: Looking for suits for the office?  Make sure your store is near a high income area.  Generally people donate to the store closest to their home.

Consider the Date: There are some times of year that stores tend to get an influx of new inventory.  January is one of them- people are trying to get their year end tax deductions!  Another is in the spring- many people clean their closets out when it gets warmer and that leads to an upsurge in donations.

Utilizing these tips you can find some of the best bargains around!