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Budget 2011: Organize Your Computer For Maximum Savings

There are several small things you can do on your computer to help maximize your savings when you shop!  Here are a few simple ones:

1.  Create a new e-mail address– Coupons and special sales codes are often sent through e-mail and can clutter your inbox leaving messages from friends and family lost in the middle of the deals.  By creating a new e-mail address you can keep all your sales in one place.  Gmail, Yahoo and AOL will let you create a new e-mail address for free.

2.  Create a list of favorites– Using your web browser take a moment to add websites you frequent to your favorites list.  (Make sure to add www.afrugalchick.com [1])!  If you don’t want to add favorites consider using Google Reader to check them all at once.

3.  Download coupon printing softwareCoupons.com [2], Red Plum [3] and Smart Source [4] all have small software files that you have to download in order to print coupons.  I have the software (not the toolbars) downloaded on my home computer and have had no problems with them over the last few years. 

SIDE NOTE:  If you are going to print coupons on-line, please consider using the links on my blog.  They are located on the right hand side and on the tab labeled “The Masters.”  Every time I get a few cents for being the blogger who sends you to their site.  I use all the money to keep this blog running!

4- Utlilize Social Networking– Facebook is a powerful source for coupons and sale information.  If you don’t have (or want) a facebook page, consider creating a profile just for couponing.  “Like” your favorite bloggers and then check in periodically to roll in the savings!

By observing these simple steps, you can make your computer a money saving tool!