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Budget 2011: Easy Ways To Reduce Your Spending

Sometimes making small changes in your life can make big changes in your budget.  Here are a few simple steps to check out:

1.  Start Eating In– Limit how often you eat out.  When you choose to eat out, use places with coupons and eat dessert at home!

2.  Check Recurring Payments– Review your club memberships and see if you are really using them.  If you are not working out on a regular basis consider cancelling your gym membership.  Lower the amount of DVDs you receive from Netflix.  Cancel magazine subscriptions you never read.

3.  Call Your Service Providers and Ask for Deals– Cell phones carriers, insurance companies and cable providers are operating in one of the most competitive economies in recent history.  Figure out who in your house is the best negotiator and have them make some phone calls.  You may be able to lower your rates without even changing your service!

4.  Cut Up Your Store Credit Cards– Store credit cards are notorious for their high fees and even higher interest rates.  Odds are you got the cards in the first place to save money.  But a 10% discount on a card that charges 27% interest is COSTING you, not saving if you do not pay it off every month.  Cut up your store card and keep your lowest interest rate card if you must have one.  By cutting up that card you won’t increase the balance and you can get it paid off quicker!

Those are 4 ways simple ways to reduce your spending.  By checking out each of these options, you can give yourself a strong start to 2011!