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I love breakfast but many days it’s a battle between breakfast and sleep in the morning. Generally speaking, sleep is going to win. So during my waking hours I try to do whatever I can to allow me to sleep as long as possible. And this includes preparing breakfast ahead of time.

The other night I decided to try to make an egg/sausage/cheese/english muffin concoction, freeze it and see if I could thaw it into a good breakfast the next morning. I had most of the ingredients in my house already, so I don’t know exactly how much it cost.


The ingredients I used were fat free cheese, eggs, whole wheat english muffins and pre-cooked turkey sausage but any variety could be used.

Eggs in bowl First I wisked the eggs and poured them into the pan to be cooked in the oven. I added just a little bit of skim milk to the eggs. I cooked them in a small shallow pan on 350 for about 15 minutes (I have to admit I checked them often- I did not want to have to go the store and get more eggs!)


all the ingredientsWhile the eggs were cooking I laid out six paper towels and put a sliced english muffin on each.  After the eggs were done, I cut them into six sections and put one piece on each of the english muffins. Then I added the cheese and the frozen sausage (it was precooked), wrapped the sandwich in the paper towel and put the whole thing in Reynolds Wrap (although you could use a zip loc bag).   I took all six and threw them in the freezer.  Altogether it took about 20 minutes.


The real test was yesterday morning when I put the first one in the microwave (minus the reynolds wrap).  It tasted fantastic and I knew it was low fat because I had made it!  So in my humble opinion this is a great frugal recipe!