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Bought My New Printer (80% Under Budget!) #PrintableCoupons

Thanks for my new printer mom!  

For a dozen years now I have had the same printer- I think I paid $25 for it at some point to be able to print tax returns and sheet music.

I made the mistake so many of us do- I bought a cheap printer that DRINKS ink.  Even with refilling the cartridges I found myself replacing the cartridge too often to be economical.

And even worse…. I found myself NOT printing coupons because I was worried about the expense.

So I decided it was time for a new printer.  I knew I wanted one that was more ink efficient, printed faster and with a bigger tray capacity.  I decided I would spend no more than $100 no matter how fancy something looked.


One of my fellow bloggers had recommended the Brother HL2240  [2] and after some research I agreed that printer or one in that family would be perfect for what I need.  She promised me that although the ink is more expensive than my current printer it would use it much more efficiently- making long term savings for me.

At that point the waiting game usually begins- watching prices, researching shipping options and trying to find coupons.

Except I took advantage of this great deal at Office Max [3] a few months ago.  So I had earned $50.77 in store credit.  Plus I had returned three of those old ink cartridges to Office Max to be refilled and those each earned me $2 in credit.  So altogether I had $56.77 in store credit to be used toward my printer.

So I went the Office Max website and look- it’s on sale [4] for $69.99 (down from $119 which is ridiculous).

So with my store credit my printer was only $13.22 out of my pocket!  And it came with a starter cartridge so for right now I don’t even need to buy ink.

The moral of the story is be sure to check out the Max Perks Program [5]!  I save a ton of money each year on ink and paper for printing those coupons!