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Book 6: “Just Desserts” by G.A. McKevett

Welcome to the 2012 series “52 Books in 52 Weeks [1].”  If you have missed a few books take a look back at the other books I have reviewed [1]!

The book I read this week was “Just Desserts” by G.A. McKevett [2].  It appears it is out of print now but you can buy used copies online.  Or check your local library- that is where I got my copy!

If you remember one of the first books I reviewed was “A Decadent Way To Die” by G.A. McKevett [3](check out my review here [4]).  After reading her most recent book I decided I wanted to go back and find out the beginning of the story of Savannah Reid, the main character.

A slightly overweight detective with a sweet tooth I had enjoyed reading about her previously.  G.A. did a great job setting up the characters in this first book- although the language is a bit harsher than I remember- she must have toned it down.  In this book she is trying really hard to make Savannah look tough- a few books in she seems to have loosened her up and made her a bit more relateable.

I feel like one of the reviews on Amazon does a great job explaining the plot: McKevett’s debut, set in San Carmelita, Calif., is an uneven mix of police procedural and gumshoe cliches. Georgia-born detective Savannah Reid and her  staid partner, Dirk Coulter, are split up after the body of city councilwoman  Beverly Winston’s husband is found shotgunned. In an unprecedented move,  Savannah is given the case alone and is told to concentrate on suspects other  than Beverly. She learns why: Beverly and police chief Norman Hillquist are
lovers. After refusing to abridge her investigation and discovering that  Hillquist confiscated a piece of evidence, she is fired, ostensibly for being  overweight. Then a prime suspect hires Savannah to find the real killer. In her  private life, Savannah worries as her naive younger sister is wined and dined by  a notorious pimp. An anonymous tipster, a gay detective couple and a computer  nerd who finally breaks the case join Savannah and the ever-loyal Dirk as they careen from one implausible situation to the next, failing to settle into  credible detecting.

Overall I liked the book however… next week will be the most ridiculous review ever.  I have read almost the entire Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series [5] in the last three weeks.  It makes me horribly behind on these series so I am going to have to start reading some other things to catch up!