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Book 5: Outwitting Trolls by William G. Tapply (And A Fine Line)

Welcome to my series “52 Books in 52 Weeks [1]“!  After two weeks of non-fiction I got back to my more traditional fiction.  If you missed my earlier book you can catch up on them here [1]!

Book # 5 is Outwitting Trolls by William G. Tapply [2].

Brady Coyne is a Boston attorney who focuses on a few private clients and the legal drudgery of their everyday life, which leads to a generally unexciting life. Brady, however, gets a call from an old friend and former neighbor—a man from his past as a happily married man. When Brady was married and living in suburbia, Ken Nichols was his happily married neighbor. Both marriages fell apart years ago and Brady moved to Boston while Ken Nichols moved to Baltimore. Now a decade later and in Boston for a conference, Ken contacts Brady for a get-together and a drink. It’s an uneventful evening but the next day Brady gets a call from Nichols’ ex-wife. She’s standing in her ex’s hotel room, Nichols is lying dead on the floor of his room and she needs Brady’s help.

But this savage murder is only the first and Brady is soon trying to find the connection between these long ago friends and the savage murders dogging their family.

This was a really good book.  There is alot of action in his mysteries without being unrealistic.  I liked the characters alot and he does a great job of bringing them to life.

So after I read “Outwitting Trolls” I went to the library and got “A Fine Line [3]” by Tapply and LOVED IT.  I had absolutely no clue who the murderer was until Tapply revealed it.  There were several twists in the plot I did not see coming.

On top of all of this the stories are set in Boston and the way Tapply describes the city it makes me want to go visit.  It sounds beautiful and you can see the love he has in his descriptions.

Unfortunately Tapply passed away in 2009 but he left a large collection on good books behind for us to enjoy.  I am sure the Brady Coyne character will be revived by some other author under his name.