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Book 2: “A Decadent Way To Die” by G.A. McKevett

This is Book 2 of my “52 Books in 52 Weeks.”  Click here [1] to check out the previous books I have read [1]!

This week I read “A Decadent Way To Die” by G.A. McKevett [2].  This book was on the front table at my library so I picked it up and flipped through.   The plotline described in the jacket looked interesting and when I flipped through I didn’t see any bad language.  Since all the books at the library are free I figured “why not?”

Here is the plot synopsis: Plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid prides herself on cracking even the toughest cases. But her latest investigation is leaving her hungry for answers as she tries to unmask the identity of a cunning, would-be killer. A famous octogenarian with a fortune in the bank and a target on her back. As the creator of the world-famous Helene doll, legendary designer Helene Strauss is equally well-known for her exquisite taste and her brassy, take-no-prisoners style. While Helene’s business acumen made her a huge success, it also made her a quite a few enemies. So when the feisty 80-year-old has several suspicious brushes with death, Savannah Reid is hired to find out why. Once on the case, Savannah quickly learns that tensions within the Strauss family have been raging for years.

I really enjoyed this book.  It was a nice light “who dunnit” mystery with great characters.  And much to my delight G.A. McKevett has written LOTS of book so now I have a new series I can read.  The book was clean with no foul language or “adult” scenes.  I would definately recommend it to my friends who enjoy lighter reading.

Have any of you read her books?

Next week I will be reviewing “Crash Into Me: A Survivors Search for Justice” by Liz Seccuro [3].  I am going to warn you- it’s an easy read but the subject is very serious.  Different from the previous two books!