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Book #14: “A Little Bit Wicked” by Kristin Chenoweth

Welcome to week 14 of the “52 Books in 52 Weeks [1]” series!  If you haven’t seen all the books take a moment and catch up [1]!

This week I spent a hilarious hour and a half this week reading “A Little Bit Wicked- Life, Love and Faith In Stages [2]” by Kristin Chenoweth.

As a singer and actress myself I generally enjoy reading autobiographies of successful performers- especially those as ridiculously talented as Kristin Chenoweth.

She is an opera soprano who has branched into movies, Broadway and television with great success- well liked by her co-workers and amassing a very loyal following.

She also originated one of the most famous Broadway roles in history by being in the original cast for Wicked (no she is not the green one- who is also incredible).

Here is a taste of some of the humor in the book:

It turns out Kristin is also hilarious. Her autobiography was probably the fastest I have ever read a non-fiction book.

Raised in a conservative Christian home in Oklahoma her parents were very supportive and completely unimpressed with her unbelievable talent. She was adopted at 5 days old and became a little sister to 3 year old Mark- who provides much of the comedy in the book. It’s easy to picture myself laughing so hard at their dinner table my stomach would ache.

There are a million hilarious stories in the book some of them from backstage at Wicked and Pushing Daisies [3].  There are also two incredibly easy, high fat, high taste recipes that only a 4’11” thin actress can eat without blowing up like a balloon!

But perhaps the most daunting story is one of the lowest points in her life.  She was becoming disillusioned with some of the elements of Broadway.  She had a television show she thought was amazing that was cancelled in under 10 episodes.  She was in New York, wallowing in her disappointment and eating ice cream late into the night.  In the morning, only a few hours after going to bed, she was awakened by sirens that seemed to never end.  Unable to get back to sleep she turned on the television to see the events of 9/11 unfold in her city.  She watched her beloved Broadway dark as tourism died.  It changed her whole perspective on performing in New York.

If you like Kristin or love reading about performers I highly suggest “A Little Bit Wicked [2].”  You will be laughing out loud!