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Black Friday 2013: iPod Price Comparisons

This is one of the products I may be buying this year- an iPod!

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StoreThanksgiving Day Store HoursBlack Friday Store Hours
DSW [2]Closed10:00 am
Lowe's [3]Closed05:00 am
Bass Pro Shops [4]08:00 am05:00 am
Cabela's [5]Closed05:00 am
Game Stop [6]Closed05:00 am
Staples [7]Closed06:00 am
Sports Authority [8]06:00 pm06:00 am
JoAnn Fabrics [9]Closed06:00 am
Goody's [10]4 pm to 1 am06:00 am
Victoria's Secret [11]6 pm to 1 am06:00 am
Big Lots [12]7 am to 12 am (midnight)06:00 am
Sam's Club [13]Closed07:00 am
Toys "R" Us [14]5 pm to 12 (midnight)07:00 am
Babies "R" Us [15]Closed08:00 am
Office Depot and Office Max [16]6 pm to 9 pm08:00 am
Dillard's [17]Closed08:00 am
Half Price Books [18]Closed09:00 am
Home Depot [19]Closed5 am to 10 pm
Dick's Sporting Goods [20]6 pm to 2 am5 am to 10 pm
Sears [21]6 pm to 12 (midnight)6 am to 9 pm
Michael's [22]4 pm to 2 am7 am to 10 pm
Nordstrom [23]closed8 am to 10 pm
Best Buy [24]5 pm to 1 am8 am to 10 pm
Target [25]06:00 pm8 am to 11 pm
Bed Bath & Beyond [26]Closed12 am (midnight)
REI [27]Closedclosed
Ulta [28]08:00 pmcloses 10 pm
Macy's [29]06:00 pmcloses 10 pm
Kohl's [30]06:00 pmcloses 12 am (midnight)
Patagonia [31]Closedopen
HomeGoods [32]Closedopen
Hobby Lobby [33]Closedopen
Herberger's [34]05:00 pmopen
Petco [35]Closedopen
H&M [36]Closedopen
Finish Line [37]12:01 amopen
Kmart [38]06:00 amopen
Dollar General [39]7 am to 8 pmopen
CVS [40]Openopen
Crate and Barrel [41]Closedopen
Carson's [42]06:00 pmopen
Bon-Ton [43]05:00 pmopen
Marshalls [44]Closedopen
Walmart [45]06:00 pmOpen
True Value [46]Closedopen
JCPenney [47]03:00 pmopen
Old Navy [48]04:00 pmopen
Walgreens [49]8 am to 10 pmOpen