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Black Friday 2012: The Best Prices on Wii

Thinking of grabbing a Wii this holiday season?

While this may not be one of the hot items anymore I still use mine all the time to stream to my television.

If you have contemplated getting rid of cable and streaming Netflix to your television I have found it pretty easy to do with my Wii!


Here are the best deals around town (and on the web!)

School Supply ItemQuantity/SizeGood Sale PriceStock Up Price
Baby Wipes72 Count$1.50$1.00
Binder (3 Ring- 1 inch)1 Count$1.00$0.50
Clorox Wipes35 Count$2.00$1.50
Composition Notebook (One Subject)1 Count$0.33$0.17
Composition Notebook (Three Subject)1 Count$1.44$0.75
Composition Notebook (Five Subject)1 Count$3.00$1.50
Colored Pencils (Other)12 Count$0.50$0.40
Crayola Colored Pencils12 Count$0.75$0.50
Crayola Crayons24 Count$0.25$0.15
Crayola Markers8 Count$0.75$0.50
Crayola Washable Markers8 Count$1.50$0.97
Crayola Washable Paint Sets1 Count$1.50$1.00
Crayons- Other Brands12 Count$0.40$0.25
Erasers (Pink/White)2 Count$0.33$0.25
Erasers (Cap Multipack)10 Count$0.45$0.25
Expo Dry Erase Markers4 Count$2.00$1.50
Folder (2 pocket)1 Count$0.10$0.05
Folder (3 prong)1 Count$0.25$0.10
Glue- White (Elmers)8 oz$0.33$0.25
Glue- White (Other)1 Count$0.25$0.20
Glue Sticks (Elmers)2 Count$0.33$0.25
Glue Sticks (Other)2 Count$0.40$0.20
Graph Paper500 Count$11.50$7.00
Hand Sanitizer8 oz$2.00$1.50
Highlighters (Multi-Pack)2 Count$1.00$0.50
Highlighters (Single)1 Count$0.35$0.25
Index Cards100 Count$0.33$0.20
Kleenex (Single)1 Count$0.75$0.50
Markers (Dry Erase)4 Count$2.00$1.50
Notebook Paper (Narrow Ruled)200 Sheets$0.99$0.50
Notebook Paper (Wide Ruled)200 Sheets$0.99$0.50
Paper (Copy/Print)500 Sheets$2.75$2.00
Pencil Box1 Count$1.00$0.50
Pencils (Mechanical)8 Count$0.75$0.50
Pencils (Yellow #2)20 Count$0.75$0.50
Pencil Sharpener1 Count$0.25$0.15
Pens (Black/Blue BIC)10 Count$0.50$0.25
Pens (Pilot Gel Pens)10 Count$2.00$1.50
Pens (Other Brand Blue/Black)10 Count$0.40$0.20
Pens (Red)10 Count$0.50$0.25
Post It Notes1 Count$0.50$0.40
Ruler 12"1 Count$0.20$0.15
Scissors- Kids1 Count$0.75$0.40
Tabbed Dividers5-8 Count$0.75$0.50
Tape (Multipack)3 Count$0.75$0.50
Tape (Singles)1 Count$0.65$0.40
Wite Out1 Count$0.75$0.50