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Black Friday 2012: Electronics Pricing Predictions

Already the Black Friday predictions have started circling the web.

Many of you are going to be shopping for electronics (even if your kids haven’t told you yet).

Not surprisingly the best deals on electronics are to be found around Black Friday.  But I want you to notice that I said around.  Last year the deals were just as good- if not better- when shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  While some people did not want to violate the family time of Thanksgiving by going to the store, most of these deals were available online [1] as well.

Also an overwhelming percentage of the instore deals were also available online- estimates said to expect 75% to 80% of the sale prices to be available by shopping on the Internet.  (Be sure to check out my online coupon code database [1] to be able to get even more great deals.)

A few specific prices have already been guessed:

Apple products will be cheaper at 3rd party retailers than to buy directly from Apple.  Apple typically drops their prices about 5% and offer free shipping- 3rd party retailers could go as high as 25% off on some of the smaller items.  The new iPad (16GB with WiFi) could be offered for $499 and the iPad 2 (16GB with WiFi) for $299.  These are going to be the ROCK BOTTOM prices- meaning store maybe only have 2 or 3 of them at this price.

Video games that were released early in 2012 should see a discount of up to 75% off.  The newer games (those released from October on) are usually marked down around 50%.   Games get even less expensive in December but the hot games will no longer be available at that point.

Blu-Ray Players are expected around $29.99 at many retailers.  Remember these will not be the best brands- this will be the door buster price.

Nintendo Wii gaming consoles [2] should be around $99.00 (the same as last year).

Sony Playstation 3 [3] are expected to be $199.00.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console [4]for $149.99.

I am sure we will see many more predictions (and hopefully soon some actual ads) but this is a great start!