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Beverage Deals of the Week 4/13

Each week The Coupon Challenge [1], Mom on Dealz [2] and A Frugal Chick put together a list of the beverage prices at both grocery stores and the drug stores.  This way you can compare all the deals and find the best bargains!

Bloom: Budweiser Family (24 pk cans) $12.99
Bloom: Yuengling (12 pk bottles) $8.49
Bloom: Blue Moon (12 pk bottles) $13.29
Bloom: Landshark (12 pk bottles) $10.49
Bloom: Sierra Nevada (6 pk bottles) $7.99
CVS: Budweiser, Miller Lite or Coors Light (18-pk cans) $12.99
CVS: Miller High Life (12 pk bottles) $6.99
CVS: Natural of Pabst Blue Ribbon (12 pk cans) $6.99
Farm Fresh: Sam Adams, Blue Moon or Sierra Nevada (12-pk btl) $11.99
Farm Fresh: Heineken or New Castle (12-pk btl) $13.49
Farm Fresh: LandShark Lager (12-pk btl) $9.99
Farm Fresh: Yuengling (12-pk btl) $8.99
Farm Fresh: Buck Range Light (12-pk can) $5
Farm Fresh: Bud, Miller or Coors Family (24-pk can) $15.99
Food Lion: Budweiser, Miller or Coors Family (18 pk cans) $10.99
Food Lion: Miller High Life (12 pk bottles) $5.99
Food Lion: Yuengling (12 pk bottles) $8.49
Food Lion: Landshark (12 pk bottles) $10.99
Food Lion: Blue Moon (12 pk bottles) $13.29
Food Lion: Sierra Nevada (6 pk bottles) $7.49
Food Lion: Yellow Tail Chardonnay or Shiraz (1.5 L) $9.99
Food Lion: Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc (750 ml) $5
Food Lion: Pinecroft Chardonney or Merlot (750 ml) $2.99
Food Lion: Corbett Canyon Chardonnay or Cabernet (1.5 L) $6.99
Harris Teeter: Yuengling Lager 12pk $7.99
Kroger: Bud Light, Miller light, Coors Light (24-pk can) $15.49
Kroger: Yuengling (24-pk can) $15.99
Kroger: New Castle (12-pk btl) $11.99
Rite Aid: Select Budweiser, Miller, Coors or Yuengling (20-pk btl) $14.49
Rite Aid: Select Budweiser, Miller, Coors or Yuengling (24-pk can) $14.99
Rite Aid: Corona, Heineken & Amstel Light (12-pk blt) $11.99
Walgreens: Bud and Bud Light 12 packs $9.99
Walgreens: Coors Light and Miller Light 18pk $13.99

Farm Fresh: Donald Duck OJ $2.50
Farm Fresh: Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider $2.50
Free Eggs wyb 2 in-ad store coupon
Farm Fresh: Mott’s Medley Juice $3.00
Free Eggs wyb 2 in-ad store coupon
Food Lion: Minute Maid Ades and Punches (64 oz) $1.00
Food Lion: Minute Maid Coolers (10 pk 6.75 oz) $2.00
Food Lion: Hawaiian Punch (128 oz) $2.00
Food Lion: Powerade (32 oz) $1.00
Food Lion: Lipton Tea (12 pk bottles) $4.99
Food Lion: Starbucks Frappucino (4 pk bottles) $4.99

Bloom: Pepsi (12 pk cans, 6 pk bottles) $2.50
CVS: Pepsi 2L $.99 (limit 4)
Farm Fresh: Pepsi Products 8-pk btl, 6-pk btl, 12-pk can 4/$11
Must buy 4 in a single transaction
Farm Fresh: Coca-Cola Products 2L $1.00
Farm Fresh: 7-Up Products (6-pk btl) 3/$10
Farm Fresh: Pepsi Products (20-pk can) $5.99
Farm Fresh: 7-Up Product 2L $1.25
Food Lion: Pepsi (12 pk cans) $2.75
Food Lion: Pepsi (8 pk bottles) $3.50
Food Lion: Coke (6 pk bottles) $3.33
Kroger: Coca-Cola Soft Drinks Select Varieties (6pk btl) $3
Kroger: Coca-Cola Products (12-pk can) 3/$10
Kroger: Pepsi 2L $1
Kroger: Pepsi Products (12-pk can) $5.99
Kroger: Big K Soft Drinks (12-pk can) 4/$9
Rite Aid: Pepsi Products (12-pk can) 4/$11
Walgreens: Coca-Cola products 12 packs 3/$13

Bloom: Wat-aah! Power Water (16.9 oz bottle) Buy One Get One Free
CVS: Deer Park or Poland Spring Water (24 pk) $3 (limit 3)
Farm Fresh: Dasani Water (24-pk)
Save $1 instantly wyb $5 in Dasani Products
Final: 2/$8
Farm Fresh: Nestle Water (24-pk) $3.50
$1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water Multipack printable
Final: 2/$5
Food Lion: Aquafina (16.9 oz bottles) $4.99
Food Lion: Nestle Pure Life Water (.5 L 24 pk) $3.99
Food Lion: Deer Park Water (1 L) $1.00
Harris Teeter: Crystal Springs Water 24 pk $2.99
Rite Aid: Powerade, Smartwater & Dasani $0.99
Walgreens: Ocarka Water 24pk $3.49

Bloom: Estancia (750 ml) $9.99
Bloom: Cupcake (750 ml) $7.99
Bloom: Alice White (750 ml) $5.50
Bloom: Turning Leaf (750 ml) $5.00
Bloom: Mirassou (750 ml) $8.99
Bloom: Gnarly Head (750 ml) $7.99
Bloom: Bella Sera (1.5 L) $11.99
CVS: Sutter Home or Black Swan (750 ml) $4.50
CVS: Alamos, Mirassou or Bogle (750 ml) $8.49
Farm Fresh: Yellow Tail Wine (1.5 lt) $10.98
Farm Fresh: Columbia Crest $9.99
Farm Fresh: Manishewitz $5
Farm Fresh: Layer cake Wine $14.99
Farm Fresh: Estancia Wine $9.99
Farm Fresh: Duplin win $7.49
Farm Fresh: CK Mondavi $9.98
Harris Teeter: Oack Crest Chardonnay $2.99
Harris Teeter: Blackstone Merlot $7.99
Harris Teeter: 15% Case Wine Sale April 14-17 only
Kroger: Pacific Rim Riesling $9.99
Kroger: Mirassou $8.49
Kroger: Chateau Wine $8.49
Kroger: Lindeman’s $5.99
Rite Aid: Kendell Jackson or Cavit $10.99
Rite Aid: BV Coastal or Gallo Family $7.99
Walgreens: Mark West Pinot Noir or Cupcake Wine $8.99
Walgreens: Triada Agoston, Coopers Crossing, or David Stone 2/$10
Walgreens: Robert Mondavi Private Selection or Mirassou Pinot Noir $8.99
Walgreens: Woodbridge or Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve Chardonnay $10.99