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Banana Boat Sun Care Coupon- $3.99 At Target

Just yesterday afternoon I went to meet my sister at the pool.  As I am just pulling out of my condo my phone rings and it’s her.

Now just MOMENTS before I had grabbed a towel, thrown on my flip flops and thought “Missy will have sunscreen- I don’t need to find mine.”

At that same moment after loading my 2.5 year old nephew and baby niece into her mini-van she thought “Laura will have sunscreen- I don’t need to find mine.”

Thankfully she was smart enough to CALL me so I could run back home and grab mine (she offered to get hers but it’s much easier for me sans kids).  And no one got burned at the pool (before the HUGE storm came through and drenched everything).

So if you need to get some sunscreen there is a great coupon opportunity to grab a bottle of your very own!

You can print a coupon for $1.00 off any Banana Boat Sun Care [1] (this includes aloe in case it’s already too late for the sunscreen).

If  you are heading to Target for the FREE VINEGAR [2] you can grab this sunscreen deal:

Banana Boat Sunscreen $5.99
Use $1/1 Banana Boat Target Coupon [3]
and use $1/1 Banana Boat Coupon [1]
$3.99 after coupon (and remember to take your reusable bag for an additional $.05 off)

Thanks For The Mommas [4]!