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Another Use For My Stockpile- Car Repair

Saturday I was driving out of a friend’s neighborhood and I heard a loud “pop” in the back of my car.  I looked in my rearview mirror to see a softball sized hole in the glass.  As I watched the glass continued to crumble into my backseat.  As I drove my car back to my friend’s house even more glass loosened and I knew I wouldn’t be driving anywhere for the rest of the weekend.

When I got home I knew I needed to seal up the back so the inside of the car didn’t get wet.  Before couponing I would have been the girl who would have had to walk to the drug store and pay too much money for trash bags and duct tape.  Last night I went into my closet, pulled out packing tape and trash bags and taped up the back of my car.  It didn’t cost me an extra penny out of my pocket.

Sometimes it in nice to have just what you need when you need it.  And couponing can help with that!