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American Girl Accessories All Over The Place

Hopefully many of you were able to grab American Girl dolls [1] in their sale this morning!

If you did and can’t believe how expensive the accessories are don’t worry- once you have an authentic doll the right sized accessories can be bought many places.

Check out some of these great accessories:

Basket Trundle Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder – Pink/White [2] $39.00

Silver Glitter Doll Dress Shoes fits American Girl 18 Inch Dolls [3] $5.95

18 Inch Doll Boots fits American Girls Doll, Tan Suede Style with White Sherpa Lining and Zippers for easy Doll Dress Play, Tan Suede Boots [4] $5.95

Basket Doll Armoire With Three Hangers – Pink/White [5] $36.40

White Metal Doll Stand, Sized for 18 Inch Dolls & American Girl Dolls, Doll Accessories [6] $6.45

Plus there are so many cute outfits [7] MUCH cheaper than buying the official ones!