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Amazon: Scrambled States Learning Game $11.08

This would have been helpful when trying to learn the states in grade school!

Right now on Amazon you can grab the Scrambled States [1] for $11.08.

It has a perfect 5 star rating with almost 100 pieces of feedback!

Whoever said that learning about U.S. geography had to be boring must not have read The Scrambled States of America. We fell head-over-heels for Laurie Keller’s hilarious story and knew that it had the making for a great game. As with her book, we hope our game provides a fun way to enrich basic knowledge of U.S. geography. Players learn the names, capitals, nicknames, shapes and positions of the states through a myriad of visual teasers, language riddles and geography challenges. After playing, you’ll see that there’s more to the 50 States than meets the eye!

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