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Amazon Prime: $7.99 A Month (Cancel Whenever)- FREE 2 Day HOLIDAY SHIPPING

I am so excited my hands are kind of shaking as I type this!

Amazon Prime [1] is one of the services that Amazon offers- for $79 a year you get these great  benefits:

As the holidays approach I want you to notice that top one- FREE two-day shipping on TONS of items.

I personally have never purchased Amazon Prime [1] because I just don’t feel like I would get $79 worth out of it.

HOWEVER- Amazon has now released a new option for Amazon Prime [1] where you can pay monthly and cancel at ANY TIME!  For $7.99 a month you get all the benefits listed above to try it out!

So check out the new Amazon Prime [1]– it might be just what you need this holiday season!

Also for those of you who have been trying to decide if you want to get rid of cable this would give you a chance to see how many of your shows you can watch between Amazon Prime [1] and Hulu Plus [2]!