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Amazon: Possible Prime Membership for $59

This worked for me so I am hoping it works for you too!  If you have NEVER tried Amazon Prime [1], you may be able to snag your membership for just $59!

Here’s how:

Add this particular Kindle [2] to your cart.  Don’t worry- you do NOT have to buy it.

Decline the insurance coverage.

Checkout and select FREE 5-8 day shipping.

Then hopefully you will see this banner

amazon prime banner

Click on the “Sign me up” button and remove the Kindle from your cart!  You’ll pay just $59 for a one year membership to Amazon Prime [1]!

I have no idea how long this price will last but if you have been thinking about getting Amazon Prime [1] I have NEVER seen it this cheap!

Thanks Don’t Make Me Nuts [3]!