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Amazon: Lincoln Logs Classic Edition Tin $25.68

One of my nephew’s favorite toys are his Lincoln Logs. ¬†Almost every time I go over he pulls them out to play.

Check out this Lincoln Logs Classic Edition Tin [1] on Amazon for $25.68.

The Lincoln Logs Classic Edition Tin gives kids raw materials to help them develop their creativity and motor skills. Invented more than nine decades ago, these wooden building sets have a rich history of inspiring and entertaining children. The blocks are still made in the same manner as the early days, with real wood and a high-quality finish to keep the blocks in top shape for years to come. With more than 80 pieces, children ages three and up will enjoy building the multitude of structures they can create.

This item has been selected by Amazon as one of the best gifts for kids in 2013.

Be sure to double check the price before you buy- Amazon prices can change quickly!