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Amazon: FREE Voucher for $3 in MP3 Downloads

Have you signed up for Amazon Local [1] yet?

In most areas it actually doesn’t do much good yet but every once in a while (like today) they have a deal you can use nationwide.

So take that couponing e-mail address and sign up [1]!

When you sign in today look at the bottom of the page and you will see a deal for a FREE $3 Voucher for Amazon MP3s.  I am pretty sure it’s a daily deal for each city but I specifically saw it under Boston.

People are saying it’s for $3 off of an album $5.99 or more so know that when you go on it will cost you $2!  As soon as I finish working and unpacking from my trip I will check it out myself!

Once you have your voucher head to the best deals on MP3s [2] on Amazon.