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Amazon Free Book Download: Redesigning the Mob

Right now you can download Redesigning the Mob: The Nina Cocolucci Story: based on a true story of survival as a mafia wife [1] for FREE to your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone.

Many books have been written about topics dealing with organized crime, the mafia, mobsters (or mafiosa) and their families. True crime books proliferate, especially those about famous mobsters such as John Gotti, Lucky Luciano and other top-level gangsters as well as mob wives, mafia daughters and mafia families. Yet, there isn’t much written about the lower level mafia hierarchy. That’s where this book comes in. It brings a whole new perspective into the lives of ordinary mafia personalities, their mafia families and what they all faced.

After years of tolerating physical and verbal abuse, Nina discovers all too late that her low-level mobster husband, Vito DiGregetti, has plans to initiate their oldest son into the Mafia. In an effort to stop him, she gets a divorce before realizing how much power Vito wields. She was soon to find out.

When Vito ruins any chance Nina has of getting a legitimate job and begins threatening her life, she turns to the mob boss for protection and finds herself sucked into a Mafia-backed career.

Nina must now balance her need to put food on the table, with her desire to hide the true nature of her employment from her family. She attempts to grow a legitimate and profitable business from the mobster based job she was first given. In the end, Nina finds out who she is and what is really important in life—and, inadvertently, she redesigns the way the Mafia does business and, in so doing, redesigns her life into a glorious adventure.

Also if you like mob books I suggest Donnie Brasco [2].  It’s a mob book so it doesn’t have a PG rating but I really enjoyed it.

As always this is Amazon- the price can change at any moment!