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Amazon Free Book Download: Life Got In The Way

Right now you can download Life Got In The Way [1] for FREE to your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone.

Life Got In The Way is the story of two women, Jackie Colson and Dana Talbert, who meet during their freshman year at Wilberforce University and become lifelong friends. Both are bright optimistic students with high expectations of future success. They naively think that the road will be relatively simple and neither is prepared for what life brings them. Little do they know that so many things will be out of their control.

Jackie Colson, orphaned at birth and raised by her grandmother, is determined to become a partner in a law firm before she’s forty. Dana Talbert had a perfect life plan until an unexpected and determined boyfriend got in the way. We journey with them as they face major life issues; marriage, divorce, infidelity, illness and aging. Throughout all their challenges the one thing that remains constant is their bond of friendship.

In Life Got In The Way, Deborah Davis explores the changing roles of women as they move from the seventies to the present facing changing goals, aspirations, and expectations and the realization that they can do it all, but at what cost.

Please be sure to check the price before you buy as they can change at any moment!

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