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Amazon Free Book Download: Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Right now on Amazon you can download Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes: Getting Healthy and Losing Weight The Natural Way [1] for FREE to your Kindle, PC or Smart Phone.

Healthy green smoothie recipes is your ticket to good health and natural weight loss. These recipes are well balanced and delicious. You will enjoy the variety of recipes and your family will enjoy the taste. Kids will eat healthy if the smoothies taste great, and these do. Start eating healthy today, and get the nutrients your body needs.

Enjoy these recipes

Lemon Basil Smoothie
Sneaky Veggie Smoothie
Cabbage Patch Kids Smoothie
Green Machine Smoothie
Berry Green Smoothie
Broccoli Smoothie
Totally Green Team Smoothie
Lean Green Smoothie
Bright and Early Smoothie
Green Tea Dream Smoothie
Java Green Smoothie
Get up and Go Green Smoothie
Minty Fresh Smoothie
Carrot, Lemons, and Spinach- Oh My Smoothie

Remember this is Amazon- the price can change at any time.

You can still download the book “The Desert Gift” [2] for FREE right now as well!