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Amazon Free Book Download: Fabulous Freezer Favorites

Right now you can download Fabulous Freezer Favorites – Healthy meals for every day of the week, fixed weeks ahead and stored in your freezer. [1]

Try our seven day menu planner and you can have family favorites ready in your freezer for the rest of the month and beyond, simply by cooking extra and putting the rest away each time you make the evening meal. Save money and time with these nutritious, healthy, home cooked dishes, which all the family will adore.

Fabulous Freezer Favourites is a 30 page eBook offering 27 satisfying and delicious dishes for both meat eaters and vegetarians, plus a dessert option for each day of the week. Whether you are an experienced meal planner, or want to be more organized in your cooking, this e-book can help you fill your freezer with great choices for every day of the week with minimal effort.

Sometimes getting the time to cook a great meal every day of the week can seem like a huge mountain to climb, but with the step by step instructions in Fabulous Freezer Favorites, you can add to your freezer over a seven day period, and then have your meals ready and waiting for you for weeks afterwards.

You really can get all your meals ready for the month ahead by cooking in batches using the simple but healthy recipes in this brand new e-book. It’s no longer necessary to fill your freezer with shop bought, expensive ready meals when you can have your own top quality, money-saving meals packed up and ready for reheating straight from your freezer. It’s great to know your loved ones are eating food where every ingredient has been carefully chosen for them by you, rather than being produced in a factory.

If you are concerned about your health and the health of your family, you can eliminate the excess sugar, sodium, fat and preservatives which are known to cause medicals problems when consumed in excess, and which factory made meals contain in huge amounts to try and make them taste ‘nice’. The recipes in Fabulous Freezer Favoritesuse only natural, fresh ingredients. From now on, you can have complete control over the essential nutrients your family gets every day.

In Fabulous freezer Favorites you can

– Cook a different meal every day and store an extra batch
– Make your meals quickly and simply with easy to source ingredients
– Learn about options for flavors and fillings so you can develop recipes to suit your own tastes
– Build your confidence in storing and rotating frozen meals so you get variety and convenience every day

Here are a few examples of the meals you can cook in Fabulous Freezer Favorites. You cook these in bigger amounts than you need each time, and have meals ready to go for weeks afterwards!

* Bolognese sauce for pasta
* Fruit Crumble
* Spicy parsnip soup
* Quiche Lorraine
* Meatballs
* Lamb Tagine
* Apple Puddings

Don’t delay and get cooking today! You can download the 27 quality recipes Fabulous Freezer Favorites as an eBook within seconds, and take control of your family’s diet straightaway. You need never spend hundreds of dollars on unsatisfying ready-made frozen meals again, and you will notice a difference in both your purse and your waistlines within days. Your loved ones will adore the home cooked dishes you prepare and meal times need never again be a disappointment.

As always this is Amazon- the price can change at any moment!