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Allstate: Good Hands For The Good Life #GoodLife

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate [1]. All opinions are 100% mine.


I absolutely adore Allstate’s new “Good Hands For The Good Life” campaign.

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Life is full of scary moments.  From birth to death things come that make us nervous but the potential for reward is often great.

I see it with my nephew all the time.  He’s just over 3 and spent the day at Busch Gardens with his mom and dad this week.  They were trying to get him on one of the rides.  He was so scared they got out of line twice.  (Although I want to point out that his logic was correct- people were screaming on the ride and that doesn’t exactly want to make you jump on it).    But after some persuasion from his dad he discovered that he DOES like the log flume and rode it a half dozen more times screaming himself out of great joy.

With his dad at his side he found a moment of triumph- where he overcame his fears for great reward.

As adults we have those moments too- job interviews, moving to a new city, risking your heart with a new person.  Each has potential for huge rewards or huge disappointment.

With that in mind check out this AWESOME video made by Allstate.

It makes me think of going away to college.  At 17 I packed up my belongings and left to go to a school where I knew no one.  I remember my parents leaving and I looked down the long hall full of girls I had never met.  I determined that I would just walk up the hall, find an open door and introduce myself.  Fortunately one of the first doors I passed by was a girl in her room paying a song I knew on her guitar.  Instant friendship for a singer- finding a good guitar player is striking gold!  That one moment of bravery lead to four years of great friendships (and some learning too).

The Allstate Good Life [3] can be available for you!

So what risks have you taken?  What sharks did you swim by to reach your goals?

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