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A Set Back To A 3 Year Old’s Dream (What Is Yours?)

Today was a very big day for my almost 3 year old nephew.  And I was VERY nervous to see what was going to happen.

You see, he is obsessed with hockey.  His favorite book is Z is for Zamboni [1].  He has a giant collection of pucks, sticks and helmets at my sister’s house.  She has long lost socks, cleaning rags and skull caps being used as gloves.  Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up and he will probably answer “a goon [2].”  He “skates” around the house in his socks and introduces himself to the adoring public.  It is not at all unusual to hear him in his room “Ladies and Gentleman, now playing for the Norfolk Admirals….”

A few weeks ago my sister decided it was time to get him out on the ice.  She has been preparing him for it- making sure he knows WHEN he falls he needs to get up, that the ice is going to be cold, that he would need padding etc.  And today was the day.


In case you can’t tell it did not go well.  I have never seen my nephew so emphatic about NOT doing something.  After his first trip on the ice he had NO interest in going back out.  Not ice cream, not a trip to sit on the players bench, not a million dollars was going to get that kid back out on the ice.  Altogether I think all of us were pretty traumatized.

As I was watching him today I realized as adults we really aren’t that different.  We might not kick our feet (with giant blades on them!) and have tears in our eyes but we all have things we want to do that terrify us.  And the only thing keeping us from trying is FEAR.  Maybe the fear of rejection, the fear of failure or the fear of hurt.

Like my nephew today I start a new journey that is slightly terrifying to me- taking classes that branch into a new area of acting.  And while it’s very exciting and I am ready for the challenge that shy, scared part of me seems to be a bit louder today than usual.  What if it’s a waste of my time or money- both of which are in short supply?   What if I try as hard as I can and fail?  What if the other kids pick on me (okay I am actually not worried about that one)?

So tonight I will overcome my fear and begin what hopefully will be a long, productive, lucrative journey.  And my journey will begin with a single step.

So what is your step?  Do you need to pursue a passion?  Maybe you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and have an idea for a business.  Maybe you have always wanted to coupon but are scared it won’t work and your family will judge you.  Maybe you want to get out of debt but are scared of the sacrifices that will be required.

Think about what amazing things fear could be keeping you from.

As far as my nephew goes, on the way home in the van my sister tells him they are going to eat lunch.  And he says “Eat lunch?  Like the football players?”

I guess we have moved on.