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A MAD CHICK- Brita Underestimates (And Under-Plans) For Rebates

I am STEAMING about this one. 

Last week I posted about this awesome Brita pitcher rebate [1]= a $10 rebate!

Apparently Brita didn’t think anyone would notice and they are now planning on denying all the rebate forms that they have not yet received.

Here is the official statement from their facebook page:

“Brita FilterForGood Hi Rebecca – this is Andrea from Brita. The rebate supplies that were available were already exhausted. The rebate was so popular that we could not distribute any more forms. I really am sorry about this! We will be honoring all rebates that have been mailed in already. I am still very sorry the the inconvenience! And I can assure you that we do care about our consumers and the problems we caused.”

If you haven’t already purchased your pitcher- don’t bother.  It’s going to be a fight to get your money.

If you bought your pitcher and still have the receipt you can return it.

If you sent your rebate form in get involved on the Brita facebook page [2].  There is ALOT going on there.

I will keep you updated if there are any other developments.

Update 1/20- After lots of complaining on their website Brita is now honoring all the rebates.  If you have already sent yours in you should expect a check, although as with many rebates it could take a good long while.  If you have not made your purchase and were doing it just for the rebate, I would not.  Hopefully next time Brita will be smarter and not release their rebate form as a .pdf.  All of this would have been avoided if the rebate form had been a web page or they needed an e-mail address.  Simple fix!