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A Frugal Chick’s Guide To Everything Rite Aid

I have an obsession with Rite Aid. Many a person has been in my coupon class and watched my eyes light up when I talk about Up+ Rewards and Single Check Rebates. Just this morning I deposited a Rite Aid rebate check at the bank and did a little dance of joy.

So when I decided to write my first e-book, it was completely logical to do “A Frugal Chick’s Guide To Everything Rite Aid.”

And it is now available for you to download and use for FREE! My amazing web designer [1] got it posted last night. If you look over on the right hand side of the blog, you will see a nice, big new icon that you can click on to download it in pdf form [2]. (You should not have to download any unusual software and I will not ask for your e-mail address.)

Inside, you will find a step by step guide (including screen shots) to optimize your Rite Aid shopping experience. It is more than I could ever tell you in a coupon class and even a Rite Aid rookie should be able to excel.

I hope that you guys enjoy it. If you do, let me know as I contemplate my next e-book!