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A Frank Frugal Chick Talk

I’m going to take a moment and peel back the mysterious veil of bloggerhood to get your opinion.

I LOVE asking you guys what it is that you want.   I feel like my whole job is to find out what you want, find it on sale and tell you where to get it.  Sometimes it’s a SUPER frustrating job but every time I find an incredible deal I can’t wait to tell you.  It’s a blogger rush.

About once a year I ask you what you want more of on this site (usually in December).  Overwhelmingly you tell me “printable coupons” and “free books.”

Since I have all these fun tools to see what you think is interesting on my site I can tell you right now- less than 1% of you print coupons and I am curious why.

So I was hoping you could just answer two quick questions for me to help me on this journey.  I am thinking one of the reasons is that I am not showing you the prices for the stores where you actually grocery shop.  So if you can take a second and answer the questions for me below it would be super helpful!