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A Chick’s Opinion: Scentsy Flameless Candles

When I was given a Scentsy Flameless Candle [1] to try I wasn’t even sure what I would be getting.  I confess I was sort of picturing a big smelly ball of wax. 

So when local representative Danielle Jones showed me my lovely new warmer (which is covered in music notes AND matches my condo perfectly- its like she could read my mind) I was pleasantly surprised by how pretty it was!  Danielle gave me some different smells to try and told me it would be easy to use.

I took the warmer into my voice room and one of my students saw it.  She said “we have those at home- they work awesomely.”

Turns out neither of them lied.  I brought it home and set it up the next day.  I picked a smell that was supposed to be “clean” and dropped two of the little wax blocks in the top of the warmer.  A few minutes later my house smelled amazing.  So I left it going for the day until I was about to leave the house and then pulled out the directions on how to turn it off.

That was when I discovered the very cool frugal part of the warmer- you can reuse the wax!  I just take the hot wax and pour it back in the mold where I originally got it.  Then after it hardens I can use it again (which I did).  Plus it was super easy to clean.  So instead of having to buy wax over and over you can just buy your favorites smells in your first purchase and they should last a long time.

The whole time I was smelling it I kept thinking “why didn’t I have one of these in college?”  We couldn’t burn candles in the dorm because of the fire hazard but boy did we need to!  I wish I had something like this to drown out the smell of my neighbors.     

I also couldn’t help but think you could probably sneak one of these into a man room and since it’s not a “real candle” this might be a chance to mask some of the “special” smells that lurk there as well.

Want to try one for yourself?  Or just take a browse [2] and look at their products (maybe a nice graduation gift)?  Check out Danielle’s site [1] and see for yourself what the fuss is all about!