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A 21st Century Notepad- The Phone

I was chatting with a fellow blogger today about how often great ideas pop into her head and then she forgets to write them down.  I know I drive a lot to teach coupon classes and speak at events so I’m not always exactly comfortable writing while I drive.  And nothing causes my mind to wander more than driving along looking at beautiful water.

I know some people keep a notepad by their bed to write their ideas down because they come while they are sleeping or drifting off to sleep.  But if you are like me and blind as a bat the notepad won’t really work either.  I can not imagine that my handwriting would be even remotely readable in the morning.

I have discovered a new toy that makes my life easier- the voice memo recorder on my smart phone. 

In October I got my first smart phone and the fact that I ever was able to function without one totally baffles me now.  It’s my planner, GPS, phone and messaging service all in one.  And now I can use my voice memo recorder to collect my thoughts without having an accident while driving or trying to read my hieroglyphics in the morning.

Sometimes I love technology.