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$.75/2 Windex Products

I cannot see the word “Windex” without thinking of this scene from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

Toula Portokalos: I woke up with this huge zit this morning.
Ian Miller: Where?
Toula Portokalos: [points to spot on face] There.
Ian Miller: I had a huge zit this morning!
Toula Portokalos: Really? Where?
Ian Miller: [points to his face] Well, it was there, but it’s gone now.
Toula Portokalos: Why?
Ian Miller: I put some Windex on it.

(If you have not seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” you need to see it.  Fantastic flick.)

So if you want to get Windex to cure everything that ails you can print a coupon now for $.75/2 Windex products [1].