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52 Books In 52 Weeks: “She’s Gotta Be Mine”

Welcome to week 23 of the “52 Books in 52 Weeks [1]” series!  If you haven’t seen all the books take a moment and catch up [1]!

I promise you I have been reading- I am just WAY behind on writing reviews!

A while back I read She’s Gotta Be Mine (A sexy, funny mystery/romance, Cottonmouth Book 1) (Cottonmouth Series) [2].  I gotta be honest- this book is a little more “grown up” than I usually read.  (It’s not quite Fifty Shades of Grey [3] but it’s not a Christian fiction either).

So there are quite a few pages I skipped over but by the time the characters got involved the dead guy was already dead and I wanted to know who did it!

After helping her husband find his high school sweetheart (he needed closure right?) he promptly dumps his wife and moves to Cottonmouth so he can have an affair with his old sweetheart.  She just happens to be married to one of the most powerful men in town.  Bobbie Jones, furious at being dumped, picks right up and moves into the same town.  With a full make over she figures she will stick around, catch Warren’s attention, he will leave Cookie and they will live happily ever after.

She gets a great deal on a cute house only to discover that everyone in town thinks the man across the street, Nick, is a serial killer.  She develops an unlikely relationship with him- being the two outsiders in a small town bent on only accepting their own.

When Cookie’s husband shows up murdered and Warren confesses, Bobbie smells a rat.  She sets out to prove his innocence much to the despair of Nick, who she is currently involved with.

The book was a decent read but nothing that knocked my socks off.  As I mentioned before some of the scenes with Nick and Bobbie got a little more heated than I am comfortable with (but I am also kind of conservative).

I will say though that I wanted to know so badly who committed the murder I kept reading in spite of the content.  That’s the beauty of a book- you can just skip ahead a few pages.

As of the time of this writing She’s Gotta Be Mine (A sexy, funny mystery/romance, Cottonmouth Book 1) (Cottonmouth Series) [2] is FREE for download but that can change at any time.