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52 Books In 52 Weeks: “Death By Honey Bee”

Welcome to week 25 of the “52 Books in 52 Weeks [1]” series!  If you haven’t seen all the books take a moment and catch up [1]!

I promise you I have been reading- I am just WAY behind on writing reviews!

Last night I finished reading Death By A HoneyBee (A Josiah Reynolds Mystery) [2].

This was a deviation from the stream of Christian Romantic Fiction I seem to be devouring right now.

The main character, Josiah Reynolds, is a beekeeper who is barely paying her bills, although the town thinks she is loaded from her ex-husbands life insurance.  They didn’t know he left everything to his mistress and their child.  Single and dateless her best friend and sort of co-worker Matt lives in her cabana bringing in his current boyfriend to also keep them company.  To finish up her family she has adopted a GIANT puppy named Baby.

The book opens with her fellow beekeeper Richard Pidgeon being found dead in her hive with numerous bee stings.  The ME states that Pidgeon died of a heart attack but the detective on the case, who has a grudge against Josiah, is hellbent on proving that Josiah killed Pidgeon. Meanwhile, Josiah is being harassed with letters claiming that she killed Pidgeon. Josiah’s best friend Matt, an attorney, helps her along the way. As well, Josiah’s daughter, a rather elusive character, assists her. The reader is given little information on her daughter, but you are led to believe that she holds a very sensitive position in the government.  The book is the journey of trying to prove her innocence as well as manage her world crumbling around her.

The book ends in a cliffhanger thus challenging you NOT to read Death By Drowning (Josiah Reynolds Mysteries) [3].   I will read it as soon as I have time!