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$39 Kindle 3G + WiFi (After $100 Credit)

This is a really good deal if you were planning on paying for Audible after you get a Kindle.  If not, it will seem ridiculous to you.

Amazon has a program called Audible for their Kindles [1].  It is $14.95 a month (for 12 months) and with it you get 1 audiobook of your choice per month for that year plus a few other perks.

When you sign up for Audible [1]right now you get a $100 Amazon credit that you can use for a Kindle, Ipod or  MP3 of your choice.

So if you already needed the audio books this could be a great deal for you!  You do have the complete the first 12 months of Audible- there is no cancelling to take advantage of the credit.

Here is how to take advantage of this deal:

1.  Sign up for Audible [1].  You can check out all the fine print here [1].

2.  Once you sign up a $100 credit will go into your Amazon account.

3.  The Kindle with 3G and Wifi [2]will be $39 after credit.   OR the Kindle with special offers [2] will be $14!

Remember that you have to sign up for this specific Audible deal, not the free 30 day trial.

Again this is not a deal for everyone, but it could be a substancial savings for some!

Thanks Time 2 Save [3]!