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$25 Million Coupon Fraud Ring Busted In Arizona

Yesterday as I was joking with a coupon class about going to jail for coupon fraud someone was [1].

“In Phoenix, AZ authorities took three women into custody, raided three homes and seized valuable property on Tuesday as part of what police are calling a ‘first of its kind’ case in the United States.”

Bottom line about 4 years ago some really high quality fraudulent coupons starting popping up all over the US.  We aren’t talking about black and white copies here- these were top notch.  And they were ripping off some big companies who weren’t going to have it.

So these companies began working with the Coupon Information Corporation [2] and hired private investigators to try to find the source.

They figured out that the coupons seemed to be used most frequently in Arizona and eventually tracked them to a website that sold coupons online.  Slowly they put together a case and yesterday raided the homes where they suspected everything was being done.  They seized coupons, vehicles and guns.

The estimated value of the coupons- $25 million dollars.

Had the coupons reached stores the losses would have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of merchandise.

PLEASE be careful if you choose to buy coupons online but I would encourage you to avoid it all the way around.  Take a second and really check out that coupon- if it’s too good to be true it probably is.