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2012 Entertainment Book $11.27 Each When You Buy 2

The cash back on this offer is now 17.5%.

I have been waiting for these to get down to a low enough price to do a post and they finally did!

Today on Ebates you can get 35% cash back from entertainment.com [1] and they are having a sale!  You can grab an incredible deal!

Here is the best deal possible:

Sign up or log into Ebates [2] (if you are new to ebates after this purchase you will also get a $10 gift card to a store of your choosing)

Use the search engine in the upper right hand corner and search for entertainment.com [1].  When it pops up click on the orange “shop now” button.

All the books are on sale this week for $19.99 with FREE shipping!  Click on the “order now” button and it will also show you that you can get a second book for $15!

If you order two books it will make your total $34.99.  This is the amount you will pay to entertainment.com [1].

In a few days a rebate of $12.25 will go into your account (plus if you are new to ebates you will get to pick that $10 gift card).

This makes your final price per book $11.27 (even if you don’t get the gift card).

These books make awesome gifts or you can keep both for yourself- getting $12 in savings out of the book is not going to be too hard!

I have no idea how long this deal will last!