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1776: The Toilet Seat Was Down

For those of you just joining us I am currently in rehearsals for the Broadway Musical “1776” with Theatrix Productions [1]. Since it’s such a huge part of my life I have been blogging a bit about it [2].

Because of the nature of the show it has one of the most off kilter casts I have ever seen- 26 guys and 2 women. It’s a giant boys club and we are just along for the ride. The guys have done a superb job- I really can’t tell you enough how hilarious they are to watch and how there are also moments that take your breath away. Twice tonight during rehearsal the room just kind of hung in a dead quiet before we were able to move on with the scene we were doing. It’s powerful stuff.

Because of the numbers being so skewed toward the male end there was one thing in this show I had just resigned myself to: the toilet seat was never going to be down. In our rehearsal space there is one bathroom with one toilet. And really with me being out numbered by this much it’s not even fair to really think about it. I’m a guest in their house, not the other way around so if they want to leave the seat up they totally have the right to.

Tonight I ran in to use the bathroom and the seat was down. I almost cheered (which would have sounded very odd to everyone in the room.) It’s the little things in life that make you so happy.

So to the wives, girlfriends and mothers who have trained the men in your life to put the seat down when they are finished- thank you.

(Want to come and see the show? Tickets are on sale now [1]!)