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1776: Perks and Fire Alarms

3 performances down and 4 more to go of playing Abigail Adams in Theatrix’s version of 1776 [1]!  If you missed any of my posts check them out [2]!

I think I have told you before that the male to female ratio in this show is a bit skewed- there are only 2 females to the 25 or so men involved.

Besides the wonderful perk of being treated like a lady by so many amazing men it also means that for the first time ever there is ROOM in the dressing room to spread out.

As you can see from the sign on the door above it is only myself and Martha Jefferson in the dressing room.

What does this mean exactly?

About two hours before the show we both arrive.  We set out everything that we need- make up, wigs, costume pieces etc.  Normally we would have a tiny 6 inch by 6 inch space for our stuff- if we didn’t end up doing our make up on the floor.  In this show we have awesome counter space.

Once we get everything set we turn on the MUSIC.  So far it has been everything from Broadway to Wilson Phillips to the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack.  And we jam while we put on our make up (which for her includes fake eyelashes- I wish I was cool enough for those).


This is my wig, my make up and the ever present Smart Water (which I got an awesome deal on at Farm Fresh this week).

Once make up is on we have to go get our microphones.  Every person in this show speaks so there are 27 microphones to keep straight.  It’s a complicated process.  We have the most incredible group of high schoolers back stage who keep everything straight for us.  We called them the “special forces”- they are stealthy ninja- like people.  My mic hooks to the back of the shorts I wear under my dress, up my back and neck and then actually attaches to my hair.  Just a TINY little bit sticks out- enough for my very big voice to be heard.  These guys make sure everything is secure so I don’t have pieces falling off of me on stage!


These are the cubbies where the microphones live.  We, as actors, are not allowed to do anything to them- we can’t even taken them off and on.  They must be taken off by a “special forces” member.  That way if anything happens to them it isn’t our fault.

 After that we do mic check on stage and then I pry myself into my dress and put on my wig.  Except Friday night when the FIRE ALARM WENT OFF.  After a round of “oooo…. someone’s in trouble” we headed outside.  Now I want to point out most people are in costume.  Thick costumes and wigs and it’s 100 degrees outside.  There were many people ready to get back in by the time the alarm got turned off.

One of the biggest perks of doing community theater- besides making amazing friends- are the gifts that people bring in.  This cupcake below is one of the best I have ever eaten.  I don’t like to perform with food in my stomach so I got to eat it after the show when I was starving.  BEST CUPCAKE EVER.  And it was make by our Benjamin Franklin’s wife so it was made with love.


As you read this I am putting on my wig again and getting ready to head out for a matinee show.  So this whole process will be repeated TWICE today as we have two shows.  I am going to miss it so much when we are finished!