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1776: Building Philadelphia and Hairless Men

We are only 7 days away from opening night!  If you want to see me in a big dress and a huge wig check out tickets for 1776 [1]!  

Tonight we began rebuilding Independence Hall in Philadelphia for our show.

I have to tell you- I have no clue what it’s going to look like when we finish.  I did my part tonight covering the back ground in white primer but the vision is lost on this girl.

I can paint with the best of them though so I did my part.


As the guys starting coming in for rehearsal I noticed that many of them looked kind of … funny.  I just saw them on Sunday so they didn’t lose weight or anything like that.

Then I noticed they had all shaved their facial hair!  They had known from the beginning they were going to have to shave (we actually had a guy drop out because he refused to) but I guess they decided this past weekend was the time to do it.  They look so young!  Most have been fitted for their wigs and costumes so I guess they were ready to complete the look!


Tonight we also had our first rehearsal with the “orchestra” which is an incredibly talented group of four musicians- drums, keyboard, cello and violin.  They are actually going to be above us on stage so the audience will get to watch them perform the whole show.


This is the crazy talented Matt Friedman, who I have gotten to do most of my training with.  He plays my loving and slightly neurotic husband John Adams.   He does a fantastic job!


This is John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson arguing what the national bird should be.  The three nominations were the Dove, the Turkey and the Eagle.  I’m sort of glad the eagle won!