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13 Pounds of Ground Beef Later

Tonight I went and picked up 40 lbs of ground beef from Zaycon Foods [1].  I split this box with my mom and sis, so that left me with 13 pounds of ground beef.

I thought it might be hard to come up with ideas for the ground beef.  It turns out my stock pile provided almost all of them.

The meat comes in a big box, sealed securely in 10 pound tubes.


Since we were splitting the 40 lbs three ways we just split one tube into three parts.


Then I took mine home and divided it into one pound increments.


After opening my pantry I discovered marinara sauce and taco seasoning!

So I now have two bags each of ready to go taco meat and spagetti sauce.  The rest will be saved for future use.


Interested in checking out Zaycon Foods?  Look at all the great information [1]!