Yes, I Am Giving Away a Plunger To One Lucky Winner (US and Canada)

You know the list of things you have to buy when you move into a new house?

One of those things people often forget until they need it is a plunger.

But when you need it, it’s an emergency.

Rubbermaid has asked me to review their Dry and Clean Plunger and I gotta tell you-it’s pretty cool.

Check out this video I made:

Not only did Rubbermaid send one for me to try they are giving me one to give away.

Here is how you can win:

1. Leave a comment here telling me when you got your current plunger.

2. Like “A Frugal Chick” on Facebook. Leave me a comment here telling me you did.

3. Like “A Frugal Chick” on Twitter. Leave me a comment here telling me you did.

On 5/21 the computer will pick a winner (must be in the US or Canada). I will e-mail the winner and they will have 24 hours to respond. After that I will pick another winner.

Good luck!

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  1. Penny B W says

    I think our plunger is probably at least 12 years old! LOL


  2. Nicole Locklear says

    I bought my current plunger about 15 years ago! Probably from Walmart…

  3. Shanda S. says

    I “like” you on Facebook.
    (Shanda S.)

    couponshanda (at) yahoo (dot) com

  4. Shanda S. says

    We bought a new plunger when we bought our house about five years ago.

    couponshanda at yahoo (dot) com

  5. Jane says

    Opps, I forgot to add that ours is about 10 years old. I think I inherited when I got married. Not sure.:)

  6. Jane says

    I would really like this new plunger so my boys can use it without getting themselves all wet!!

  7. Stacy says

    When I married my husband, I also inherited his 2 plungers. Who knows how old they are or where they came from…it’s probably time for a new one…(plunger, not husband!) 😉

  8. Bridgett says

    I believe I got my plunger when I moved out from my parents’ house into my own…so about 13 years ago? The Rubbermaid one looks pretty cool-for a plunger.

  9. becky says

    Like you on FB. Our current plunger is probably as old as least it looks like it could be!..LOL.

  10. Susan Smith says

    Watched your video and I was impressed. I have had my plunger for so long I don’t remember when or where I bought it. I have liked you on Facebook for quite a while. Thoroughly enjoy the free Amazon book downloads.

  11. amy marantino says

    i got my current plunger when i bought my house… about 14 years ago. i bought it at the Home Depot.

  12. Michele Duncan says

    I Liked A Frugal Chick on Twitter.

    Last but not least-I watched your Video!

  13. Michele Duncan says

    I purchased my plunger from WalMart-I know its not your favorite store!

  14. Crystal W. says

    I’ve had my plunger for a long time! Maybe 10 years ago is when I purchased it.

  15. Jennifer Lankford says

    Got my plunger almost 7 years ago when my husband and I bought a house. I went to your couponing class at the North Suffolk Library and wanted to thank you for all of your couponing advice.

  16. Cindy B says

    Honestly I think my dad gave the plunger sometime after I moved out of the house (or at least told what and where to get it). Thankfully I haven’t had much use for it.

  17. deb b. says

    I can’t even remember when I got my plunger. I think my husband had it in his bachelor years……22 years ago!

  18. Faye Beale says

    We’ve had our plunger since the 90’s. I’ve been a fan on Facebook for quite awhile. Not into a Twitter account but if I were, I would follow you. Would love a new plunger replacement.

  19. Kari Maule Minton says

    I got my plunger almost 10 years ago, when me and my husband got our first place. I have liked you on facebook and followed you on twitter.

  20. Toya Chisholm says

    I am quite impressed (and shocked it actually worked!).

    1. I bought my plunger almost 4 years ago, when I first moved into my first house.
    2. I have been a fan on FB for a while. I have already “liked” you.
    3. I don’t have a Twitter account but if I did, I would have liked you there, too :)

  21. Toya Chisholm says

    I am quite impressed (and chocked it actually worked!).

    1. I bought my plunger almost 4 years ago, when I first moved into my first house.
    2. I have been a fan on FB for a while. I have already “liked” you.
    3. I don’t have a Twitter account but if I did, I would have liked you there, too :)

  22. Leslie Wicks says

    My current plunger is a hand me down!!! I have been on my own for 30 plus years so my guess is my plunger is over 50 yes old!!!!

  23. Stephanie Niavez says

    I got mine probably about five years ago. It’s not as neat as the one u r giving away.

  24. Wendy turner says

    Oh good gravy have no clue when I bought my plunger! Lol going to follow u on twitter that is the best plunger ever

  25. Sanam says

    Wow! That’s a cool plunger! I liked your video demonstration and the cat!! I got my plunger in 2005.

  26. Debbie Cahoon says

    I got my current plunger about 5 years ago when my other one collapsed on me.

  27. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Good grief—I have no memory of when I got my current plunger! 10 years? 15?

  28. Leslie says

    I got my current plunger when I was in high school…so 10 years ago?! It’s broken too because my dog got at it a couple years ago. IT was from Home depot aha

  29. Tonia says

    My significant other had our current plunger before we moved in together, so it’s been at least three years and who knows how long he had it before that!

  30. Susan Worrell says

    My plunger – at least 15 years! I like you on FB and watch you every Sunday AM.

  31. Carolyn says

    My current plunger was purchased in college I believe, so I’ve had had over 10 years!

  32. Margary Thrasher says

    We bought our plunger a few years ago when we moved into our current home.

  33. Connie voodre says

    I have not brought a plunger in at least 10 years it might be time for a new one

  34. jessica hilton says

    I dont have a plunger :(
    I’ve liked a frugal chick on facebook for close to a year!!

  35. Mary Ann says

    You cat look like my Chloe!! Not sure if yours is gray with a white face—but they sure could be cousins!!!

  36. Janet says

    I “liked” your site a LONG time ago. Love the help you give us in saving money – especially the free ebooks for Kindle from Amazon!

  37. Janet says

    I’ve had my current plunger for over 30 years ! Don’t you think it’s time I had a new one?

  38. Terry Lettmoden says

    I currently don’t have a plunger.
    I like A Frugal Chick on Facebook.

  39. says

    I have liked your FB page for quite a while now. even make sure I get up early on sunday am to see ya on channel 13

  40. Marleen Viola says

    Got my current 2 plungers (one for each bathroom) 13 years ago when we bought our house :)

  41. Judy Warner says

    My plunger is older than the hills. I was very impressed with your video and would be honored if I was the winner. That looks awesome….no water drips…that is incredible!

  42. says

    Hi! I liked you again on fb. Have a plunged I bought at the grocery store in an emergency….transporting it from one end of the house to the other is ga-ross!!

  43. Nancy Seeloff says

    Can’t remember where I got my plunger, had it for years, even before my oldest 3 moved out….

  44. Rebecca Palisoc says

    I liked you on Facebook about a year ago, just found out you had a twitter and have since followed you on there. I got my plunger from our local Goodwill about a year ago before moving in & marrying my childhood sweetheart, because that’s all we could afford.

  45. Kim Tracey says

    I got my current plunger at Home Depot and SAW a demo station for the one in your give away on this drawing! I sure would love to WIN one.

  46. Cheryl says

    I got mine at Walmart. I would love to have another plunger for my other bathroom. :)

  47. KristenW says

    I think I got my current plunger when I moved into my first apartment after graduating from college…so probably 6 years ago!

  48. Joni says

    I got my current plunger years ago… industrial type and ugly, but very functional! hahaha Thanks for all you do on “”!!

  49. sheree says

    There was a plunger next to the toilet in the house when i moved in..i found out y shortly after. :(

  50. Sarah says

    we have had our plunger forever its old. i already follow you on facebook and twitter

  51. Jenna Tabor says

    We’ve had our current plunger for 5-6 years and we use it almost every day. Our upstairs toilet is always clogging. Yuck.