Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway (Plus a Quinoa Recipe)

Here we are again in Part 3 of our Quinoa series. I hope you saw my previous posts on Quinoa – catch up here and here!

So here’s the newest recipe. The last time I was in Whole Foods their cooking coach, Luke, was talking about this fantastic Tuna Tabouli recipe. There are some important things to note here for those that like healthy food options:

1)      Tuna Tongol – less mercury than regular tuna and better for you

2)      Tuna Tongol can be purchased at Whole Foods in cans near the produce section

3)      You can substitute quinoa for bulgar wheat

Below is the recipe. They were handing this out at Whole Foods in small pita rounds which were delicious. I also think it makes a great lunch or dinner snack – right out of the bowl!  You can also find the original recipe here. I opted to omit the celery.


Tuna Tabouli


1 cup cooked bulgar wheat (cooked quinoa can be substituted here)

¼ teaspoon salt

½ cup parsley

¼ cup EVOO

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 stalks celery (optional)

3 green onions, finely chopped

1 7 oz. can Tongol Tuna

Fluff cooked bulgar wheat or quinoa with fork. Add salt, parsley, EVOO, lemon juice, celery, green onions and tuna and toss together. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour, then serve.

Notes from the Host: Bulgur is wheat that has been parboiled, dried, and cracked into small pieces. It comes in fine, medium, and course sizes. Bulgur also cooks very quickly requiring only a thirty minute soak in boiling water. It has more protein, fiber and a lower glycemic index than white rice.

whole foods gift card

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For:

Whole Foods is giving away a $25 gift certificate to two of our lucky readers! To enter the drawing (you can have up to 4 separate entries):

1.  Leave a comment telling me what you want to try at Whole Foods.

2- “Like” A Frugal Chick on Facebook.  Leave a comment letting me know you do!

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The computer will randomly select two winners on April 15th (tax day).  They will be e-mailed and have 24 hours to respond.  If not a new winner will be selected.

Good luck!


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  1. Amy says

    I would like to try some of the fresh meats and would like to try dyeing my hair with natural henna, sold at Whole Foods.

  2. V May says

    I like AFRUGALCHICK on FB and I would love to win the gift card! Thanks in advance:-).

  3. Susan Murphy says

    I would love to win this, I am trying to eat healthier and can’t afford to buy much quality food. This would be such a treasured gift put to good use to help me in my quest for health. Thanks

  4. Ari says

    I subscribe to A Frugal Chick’s newsletter with my e-mail: falses1gns (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Tammy S says

    I would like to try the Natures Path Heritage Muesli Raspberry Hazelnut & Ancient Grains cereal.

  6. Cheryl Baranski says

    I would love to try some of the ground beef for my son that is sensitive to other stores ground beef!! Would so love to find some he can tolerate and not get sick!@!

  7. fleta says

    Had already liked you on FB, joined your email list and hoping to try out the whole foods with a gift card! Thanks for the opportunities!

  8. Serena says

    I’m on your email list and I follow via facebook and email! I’d love to finally be able to get some nice organic dessert for mother’s day (my mum will love it!)

  9. Aimee says

    I liked you on FB and subscribed to your newsletter! I have never been to a Whole Foods store, but I heard that there is a new one in VA Bch and I would love to try it out! Thanks:)

  10. Jeffrey says

    I would definitely hit the bakery, they have some amazing stuff there. I also like their vast selection of honey!

  11. lisa says

    My daughters love eating healthy and have been “encouraging” me to go to Whole Foods. A “free” trip would be great.

  12. Diane Seltzer says

    i would really like to become more proactive at eating healthy…especially turning more towards organic! Our son gave us a short membership to a food coop and we have seen how much better the food tastes, not to mention the health benefits! Thanks for this opportunity !

  13. Judy says

    Would LOVE to win this. Yes, I shop at Whole Foods periodically. I read Frugal Chick everyday and check you out on Facebook. Great job!

  14. says

    I have no idea what I’d like to try there – I have never been into a Whole Foods store. There is one not too far away though, and I would love to check it out.

  15. michelle says

    I love the cheese at Whole Foods and the local marinades that bring in. I love just going in and trying the cheeses.

  16. Alison says

    I am excited to try the Whole Foods coming to Newport News! This recipe sounds yummy. I’ve “liked” you on FB too. :-)

  17. Susan Broughton says

    I want to try whole foods because I want to start to eat more healthy, natural foods. We do not have one where we live because we live out in the middle of no where but I CAN order online!

  18. Barb Curtis Cathcart says

    Motto for the year is…try something new everyweek! Excited about Whole Foods coming to Newport News.

  19. Karenb says

    I really would like to try the Tongol tuna. There’s a new WF pretty close and I shop there occasionally.

  20. Barbara Stevenson says

    New to couponing…….look forward to Sundays and any freebies
    Saw you on TV……and now check every Sunday

  21. Kat C. says

    Thanks for all the great tips!

    -I “like” you on Facebook
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    -I’d love to try some of the fresh fish and house-made skin care products at Whole Foods!

    Again, thank you!!!

  22. Cassandra Thomas says

    Started following you on FaceBook last week! Easy way to get your updates fast!

  23. Ttrockwood says

    Since i am vegan whole foods is my heaven!!! I love the selection of tofu, endless tempting vegan prepared deli salads and huge variety of non dairy milks! I am going to try his recipe with chickpeas instead of tuna- i love bulgar and would be a great lunch over some greens!

  24. Liz D. says

    I have never been in a Whole Foods, but have heard good things, so I need to find one!

  25. Anna Tew says

    We had a Whole Foods growoing up and now I’m in the middle of nowhere without one! :(

  26. hannah says

    I would like to try the gluten free and wheat free items available at Whole Foods.

  27. Christiania says

    I like you , follow you on twitter , and get your newsletters.. This gift card would truly help with my new eating healthy lifestyle changes!!

  28. lisa fritz says

    I have never been to whole foods but we are trying to eat better as a family and as you know it is not cheap to eat healthy.

  29. Eliese says

    I would love to try the all natural baby products at whole foods. Just had my first little one. I’d like to get healthy stuff for me to eat for him as we’ll.

  30. says

    There are so many great things at Whole Foods! I love their bulk bins because I can get small amounts of things for recipes (walnuts, sesame seeds, etc.) and not have to spend a lot of money.

  31. Kathleen W. says

    Signed up for the daily newsletter and looking forward to it as well as trying Whole Foods!

  32. says

    I would like to try Quinoa but Whole Foods also has these veggie straw snacks that we love! I would stock up on those!

  33. Cassie Sillaro says

    I would like to try anything from Whole Foods, heard it is a wonderful place and i cant wait until it opens in Newport News

  34. caroline says

    I love whole foods! I would love to try the tongol tuna. Also, I have always meant to try their pizza, but I have never gotten around to it.
    Also, I liked your page on facebook!

  35. Amanda O. says

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  36. sandy weinstein says

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  37. Danielle R says

    Signed up for your newsletter and liked on FB. I can’t wait for Whole Foods to come to NN! It was one of the reasons I loved Denver and wanted to move there 10 years ago. Super excited!!!

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  40. Sarah Kutch says

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  41. Kathy W says

    I want to try Whole Foods grass fed beef and the homemade pasta. I went on one of their food tours and since then I’ve wanted to try it but its a little pricey for me to want to try.

  42. Wendy says

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  43. Tracey Bowry says

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  46. Lynn says

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