Nationwide Give Away: $50 Gift Package from Tom’s Shoes

Have you met Tom? I first heard about Tom’s Shoes years ago through a friend at church.  Here is a brief synopsis of what I learned:

In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family, friends and staff later that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS customers. (source)

As an American woman I tend to think of shoes as a right- to have less than 10 pairs of shoes in my closet would be absurd.  Yet many children around the world do not even have one pair of shoes.  So if buying a pair of shoes could help someone in need, I think I could make that sacrifice.

Now back in the day I have to admit Tom’s shoes weren’t very cool looking.  They have changed- ALOT.  There are some really cute shoes available!

I have a $50 gift pack from Tom’s Shoes to give to one lucky reader.  I don’t know what’s inside of it so it will just have to be a surprise to you and me both!

This Give Away is sponsored by Autism United– an organization “Fighting Autism Together To Raise Awareness.”

There are lots of ways to enter this Give Away.  For each one leave a seperate comment on THIS post.  Leaving info on Twitter or Facebook won’t count!

You must do one of these three to enter this Give Away (you can do all three for three entries):

1)  Visit Autism United for one entry.  Tell me what you learned about Autism and how you can be more aware of Autism in your community.

2) Follow Autism United on Twitter.  Leave a comment here telling me you do.

3) Follow Autism United on facebook  (and you can tell them I sent you).  Leave a comment here telling me you do.

These also can be done for additional entries:

1)  Follow A Frugal Chick on Twitter.  Leave a comment here telling me you do.

2) “Like” A Frugal Chick on Facebook.  Leave a comment here telling me you do.

3) Leave a comment on this post telling me which of Tom’s Shoes you like the best.

4) Do a status update on facebook that says “I want to win the Tom’s Shoes Give Away from @autismunited and @AFrugalChick ” and then leave a comment here letting me know.  You can do this once a day.

5) Tweet “Win a $50 Gift Package for Tom’s Shoes @Afrugalchick @ autismunited” and then leave a comment here letting me know.  You can do this once a day.

This gives you LOTS of chances to win (you must be 18 years and older in the U.S.).  I will pick a winner on July 30th at midnight and e-mail them.  If I don’t hear back within 24 hours I will select another winner!

Want more chances to win?  Check out Mama Loves Her Bargains and Madame Deals.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Autism and ADHD present some of the same signs and affect individuals in the same areas communication, social interaction and behavior.

  2. Jennifer says

    I can’t decide between the academy plaid classic toms or the petal grosgrain classic toms. I’d be happy with any of them, really!

  3. Angelica Angel says

    Autism is a lifelong diagnosis.You can’t cure or grow out of it but with early intervention symptoms can decrease rapidly .

  4. jonna says

    autism can’t be cured, but with treatment it can lead to remarkable changes in a child!

  5. Barb haley says

    Austic children have a hard time in social situations and have a hard time verbaly conveying what they want

  6. BeautyToLove says

    -I Like these Tom’s Shoes: Black Cord Wrap Women’s Wedges
    aliaskys (at) yahoo dot com
    THANK YOU!! :)

  7. BeautyToLove says

    I Like You on Facebook
    -FB Name: Francine E.
    aliaskys (at) yahoo dot com
    THANK YOU!! :)

  8. BeautyToLove says

    I Follow You on Twitter
    –Twitter Name: @BeautyToLove
    aliaskys (at) yahoo . com
    THANK YOU!! :)

  9. BeautyToLove says

    I Follow Autism United on Twitter
    –Twitter Name: @BeautyToLove
    aliaskys (at) yahoo . com
    THANK YOU!! :)

  10. BeautyToLove says

    -I Visited Autism United. I learned this about Autism: Autism is a disorder that is usually first diagnosed in the early years of life. There are several main signs and symptoms of Autism that involve communication, social interactions and repetitive behaviors.

    aliaskys (at) yahoo . com
    THANK YOU!! :)

  11. veronica says

    I like both the Blue Metallic Woven Women’s Classics and the Camel Cord Women’s Classics…I actually love the wedges, but am unable to wear heels anymore :(

  12. veronica says

    I learned the following….

    Studies have shown several different signs and symptoms with autistic children that tend to be the first signs of autism. These signs and symptoms include some of the following:

    Problems speaking with others
    Difficulty making eye contact during conversation
    Lining up of items before focusing on other tasks
    Repetitive use of sentences to calm themselves down
    Extensive body movement to express moods
    In some instances, inability to talk

    Every person is different and may not show all signs or symptoms. This happens because autistic people have very different features and symptoms. Health care providers think of Autism as a “spectrum” disorder. Autism is becoming an easier diagnosis as more studies are done allowing family members to understand more about autism each year.

  13. Jennifer Chaisson says

    My favorite Toms are Paisley Blossom Tiny TOMS Classics…my 16 month old looks ADORABLE wearing toms, and she matches her daddy :)

  14. Jennifer Chaisson says

    I visited the autism website and learned that no one has any idea how kids get autism and there is no cure as of yet. Very sad, and 6 out of every 1000 kids may be autistic. That is higher than I thought.

  15. Regina says

    I visited Tom’s and I like the Metallic Tweet Classics for women.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  16. Regina says

    I learned that a sign of Autism is violent temper tantrums.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  17. Annie says

    I learned that one sign of autism is when children walk on their toes. I didn’t know that. In my community, I can be sure to help mothers out who have autistic children. I know a few.

  18. Melissa M. says

    Autism United: I learned that With early intervention symptoms can decrease rapidly

  19. Chris says

    visited autism united, looks like a great program.
    followed them on fb, followed you on fb & also followed a frugal chic on fb.

  20. Katie Sullivan says

    While looking at Tom’s, I fell in love with Ash Vegan Women’s Wrap Boots.

  21. Katie Sullivan says

    As I’m not familiar with Asperger’s Syndrome (my best friend’s brother has autism so I grew up learning about it), I learned that the presence of normal basic language skills is seen as a criteria for the diagnosing Asperger’s Syndrome from other forms of autism.

  22. Susan Cagle says

    I visited Autism United and learned that these are 2 of the signs and symptoms of autism, problems speaking with others & difficulty making eye contact during conversations.

  23. Laura Jean says

    I learned that although people will develop and show different symptoms, autism is becoming easier to diagnose as more studies are being done.

  24. valerie says

    i learned that every person is different and may not show all signs or symptoms. This happens because autistic people have very different features and symptoms. I can help by joining Autism United through out 2011 to continue to try to raise awareness and promote the need to treat after the diagnosis

  25. Meagan says

    I learned that there are so many symptoms for autism that are often seen at a very young age.

  26. christina iacovelli says

    I visited Autism United. I learned that to note that people with autism can be termed what known as “high functioning”,while others diagnosed with autism can need treatment and psychiatric care long term. Not many people are aware that Autism is such a broad spectrum illness, and I truly believe if more people came together to support one another within their communities it would raise awareness tremendously, and educate those who are unfamiliar with the diagnosis.

  27. Jessica says

    I follow Autism United on fb…this is a site I follow as a special education teacher

  28. Kathy Cox says

    Oh. My. Goodness! I am in love with the Metallic Tweed women’s wedges!! So stinking cute!

  29. Maria Jimenez says

    I visited Autism United and learned that although symptoms of autism are usually seen in the first 3 years of life, it can still be diagnosed at any age and that the symptoms have a wide range of severity so it can be hard to tell if a person may have autism.

  30. Patricia N says

    I like the Black Canvas Women’s Gabriel Lacktman Spiral
    PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

  31. Patricia N says

    There is no cure for autism, but several methods of therapy that help with coping with it.
    PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

  32. says

    I learned from the Autism United website that if parents completed a simple Autism screening checklist test, it can help doctors screen for signs of autism as early as the child’s first birthday.
    abgillette at

  33. Teresa L Shively says

    I learned that Autistic children have extreme difficulties with social interaction of any kind.

  34. Pauline says

    1. Some autistic children have inability to talk (sign of autism) – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  35. Lara J says

    I would LOVE a Pair of the Olive Canvas Women’s Classics
    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  36. Lara J says

    Thanks for sharing Autism United, what a great cause. I learned that in some instances, Autism causes the inability to talk. My husband is a Health/Gym teacher and I am going to push him to educate his students more about Autism.

    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  37. stacey says

    i have worked with adults and children with disablities for over 20 years and Autism is my favorite to work with.. i am starting back to school after 24 years! to become a more active member of that community through couneling/psychology. I “liked” them on facebook. i have 4 girks and any of the glitter tom’s would be great!! I also “like” frugalchick on fb.
    thank you for the opportunity!!!

  38. Lynne Hendrick says

    I learned that not smiling by 6 months or babbling by 12 months are both early signs of autism from the Autism United website. Thanks for bringing this disorder into the public eye

  39. Cindy says

    I have been in love with Tom’s Shoes and the great work that this organization does for years. I actually noticed Blake on a commercial a few years back when my own son Thomas was just toddler. Autism affects many children throughout the world and can usually be diagnosed in the early years. Once diagnosed with Autism it is not possible for children to “grow out” of the disorder. There are two different categories that children may fit into once they are diagnosed: Low-functioning and High-Functioning. Facing the reality of Autism can be daunting for families and they may feel as if they are swimming in the middle of the ocean without a lifejacket but in reality there are many services that can help provide helpful information and resources giving them a sense a community and the understanding that they are not battling this disorder alone. Tom’s Shoes is a wonderful example of how we can influence the world by making a change in the lives of children everywhere giving them a brighter future.

  40. Jennifer M says

    Signs of autism include:
    no sharing of affections, sounds, and smile after 9 months

  41. Tina says

    And I want the Red Nautical Canvas Wedges. (this by my count is the third entry today)

  42. Tina says

    I followed Autism United on Facebook. I am not going to tell you what I know about Autism though. I dont have enough pages!! I do however have some cool gadgets.

  43. says

    By visiting the Autism United website, I learned that one sign of autism can be children walking on their toes. I’m a school teacher and sadly, I don’t understand autism like I should. I appreciate you sharing this website with me!


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