Soda Stream Nationwide Giveaway (U.S. Only)- 15,000 Facebook Fans Celebration

So, we know this is a popular item, as we heard a ton of interest over the holidays. And, in celebration of 15,000 fans on Facebook, we have decided to give one away!

The Soda Stream (for those of you who haven’t heard about it) is essentially a beverage carbonating system, so you can turn your average water into a carbonated fruit juice, soda, or other sparkling drink.

The machine comes with a bottle to keep your beverage in (some come with 2 bottles as a bonus as shown in the photo above). There is also a machine stand and “carbonator” – which makes your drinks fizzy. A great benefit is you don’t have to worry about lugging cases of sodas to and from the supermarket, and the Soda Stream is a great value! Just use water from your tap or purification system to fill up the bottle, carbonate, and add a flavor pack to enjoy. It literally only takes a few seconds and the flavors you add are made without high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame.  There are so many different flavors – you can have fun experimenting.  Some of the flavors include: Diet Lemon-Lime, Diet Dr. Pete, Diet Cola, Fountain Mist, Orange, Root Beer, Grapefruit and Diet Cranberry Raspberry, among others. The best part? All the drinks taste like your regular juices and soda – just healthier!

Flavor Sampler Pack

As part of the giveaway, we figured it’d only be fair to try it first before recommending to you. When the Soda Stream arrived, I was so excited to open it. It came in a small box and was easy to put together. They provided us with some extra goodies, as you can see below.


I was confused at first because I didn’t see any batteries or cords, but realized once the “carbonator” bottle is inserted into the machine stand, that’s all you need. So no plugs, cords, or batteries to replace – you can put this anywhere you want in the kitchen! The carbonator is reusable and fills up to 150 bottles.

One of the biggest reasons this item is flying off the shelves is because this item is Earth-Friendly. Because you don’t have tons of bottles or cans from buying sodas and juices at the store, you don’t have to worry about storing in your cabinet or fridge.  You also don’t have to buy multiple different juices to make everyone in the family happy – each person can have their very own beverage without having entire liters of soda or juice go to waste. On the back of the box, the company states that you also save energy wasted by transporting the billions of gallons of soda every day (they have a great promotion video on the homepage of their site as well which demonstrates this idea further).

A huge thank you to Soda Stream, not only for allowing us to try this product but also allowing us to give one away to our dedicated readers.

Would you like to win the Fountain Jet Soda Stream machine yourself?  You can enter up to 4 times (each individual comment is an entry):

1- Leave a comment on this post letting me know WHY you need the Soda Stream.

2- “Like” A Frugal Chick on Facebook.  Leave a comment letting me know you do!

3- Follow A Frugal Chick on Twitter.  Leave a comment letting me know you do!

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The winner will be randomly selected (by the computer) on 2/25/13.  I will e-mail the winner to let them know.  If they do not respond in 24 hours I will pick another winner.

Thank you for being part of our Frugal Chick family on Facebook, and we can’t wait to announce the winner!


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  1. Pamela Prince says

    I need the soda stream yo save money on sodas and save the planet from my empties!! Pick meeeee!

  2. Heather free says

    My husband loves coke, this would be so much better for him to drink. I like you on facebook and get your newsletter.

  3. Crystal West says

    I would love to have the soda stream because it is environmentally friendly, saves money, and would be great for when guest come over and each like something different.

  4. Alison Gray says

    I would love to win this so I can create healthier sodas to help me meet my goal of losing weight this year.

  5. Becky Gould says

    Liked, commented and subscribed! My husband drinks a 2 liter of cola a day! This would help save some pennies…literally…we are saving all of our change and gonna take a nice weekend vacation for ourselves…eventually 😉

  6. Jennifer says

    I subscribe and like your fb page I watch you Evey Sunday on 13 and enjoy all your post and suggestions my kids enjoy sparkling juice and would be so easy to accommodate with this as we do not drink actual soda but was told this can be used for sparkling water and juices

  7. Carol says

    The product could really help during my weight loss journey. Creating my own healthier drink treats would be a real plus….thanks for all you do!!!

  8. sheila meads says

    Follow you on Facebook and have got some GREAT deals. Would love to have the soda stream to use for my family. Thanks for everything you do for us!!

  9. Dawn says

    We have 3 eight year old girls. We have been looking for a way to make their drinks more fun. This would be a way to do it. You can cut the 100% juice with water and them make it bubble! Not only would it be better for them, but they could help make it! Now we are talking fun!!!!

  10. Amber Dyer says

    I drink a lot of soda. I take meds that makes me nauseous so the soda which I always drink diet. It would help with cost running to the store all the time. Plies reduse my footprint on the world. Ty

  11. Cheryl Baranski says

    What a wonderful way to teach our homeschool kids how to be frugile and save that money!

  12. Markita says

    We are not a soda family but we’ve heard such great things about this product and we do like adding some “fizz” to our juices. Would love to have this!

  13. Cheryl Baranski says

    Would love to be able to make better drinks for my family.
    Not waste all the plastic bottles.
    I would donate it to our homeschool group to use.

  14. amy says

    I am a big soda drinker, but need to cut down on the sugar and calories. And I have heard such great things about the soda stream. I think it would be great to win this.

  15. Nikki says

    I need the Soda Stream because it would help save me money and cut down on the amount of trash we have from soda cans.

  16. David Driscoll says

    I would like this because I live with a wife and daughter and I am getting run over by women.. JOKING.. I would love this because it is environmentally safe and I just would like to try it.. Who wouldn’t love this????

  17. Natalie says

    I need the ssoda stream so my son will leave me alone, lol! He has been asking for one of these since they have come out but it’s not in the budget with me trying to quite work.

  18. LMW says

    I signed up for your newsletter. Look at this sight everyday, don’t know why I did’nt sign up for newsletter. Healthy and money savings for us, we could realllly use this :)

  19. Km says

    I’m not able to drink the artificial sweetener in most diet drinks (aspertane) but I can tolerate the sucralose that Soda Steam uses, so I would love to win one!

  20. Rozanne says

    The final try for this wonderful prize, I have subscribed to you newsletter! Let the savings begin!

  21. Rozanne says

    I NEED this as I am addicted to Diet Dr Pepper and sodas have gotten so expensive. This would help with my grocery bill along with your wonderful posts!

  22. Wayne Potts says

    As a flooring contractor its sometimes hard to leave the job site and soda that is bought first thing in the morning usually loses its carbonation, so this would be perfect to take a long with me, and never have to worry about flat soda again!

  23. Wayne Potts says

    Just signed up from the newsletter, my wife has been a long time fan so its past time I checked out this site!

  24. Sabrina Gilmore says

    Besides the whole saving money on soda, as I have both pepsi and coke drinkers in my household, this would be ideal for us to use at work! My coworkers and I help each other out when one or the other is short on money throughout the week. So if we had this it would help tremendously!

  25. Terri G says

    My husband works for a beverage company, and brings home TOO much soda!!! Maybe he will like this toy, and STOP bringing home the soda =)

  26. connie voodre says

    unfortunately i drink a lot of soda i am so hoping to win this it might help me save on soda

  27. lorraine samko says

    Thanks for the values. Your site is one of my first stop before shopping. Would love a Soda Stream

  28. jeanette H says

    I NEED the Soda Stream because my husband drinking soda like its free, but as we all know that is far from the truth. (Though I do stock up when I read about the deals on your site!)

  29. Melanie says

    My husband drinks nothing but Pepsi, and it is so expensive. I would love to give this a try, both because of money and to have a healthier option for him and my kids. Did it taste good, I wonder….

  30. Allison Anderson says

    I have diabetes and do not like to use artificial sweetness. This machine would allow me more control over drinks and let me save money doing it. I follow on Facebook and get emails. I don’t do twitter but may need to start as I keep missing entries into these contests because of it. :)

  31. beverly powell says

    I would love to own a soda stream!!! I have a lot of extended family that seem to be in and out of my house all the time… It would save me a lot of money!!! I love how flexable it is, from sports drinks to kool-aid, to soft drinks, something for everyone…

  32. Barb Sandage says

    Sure need one as I am tired of dragging home all of those bottles and then having to get rid of the bottles.

  33. Alicia says

    I need one so we can stop visiting the ones at Target when we shop there, lol. My fiance and I are trying to buy a home right now, so our budget is very tight. But every time we go to Target, we walk by these and talk about how cool it would be if we could own one.

  34. Jennifer S says

    With four people in our house, no one ever wants the same thing to drink! This would be great!

  35. T Cheryl McComb says

    Would love it because it can also be used to make flavored water, and bubbly fruit juice…..

  36. says

    I need a soda stream because I have nearly given up on drinking soda and I miss it terribly. I also miss the variation of different flavors and I would be able to experience it with a soda stream.


  37. Rachael E says

    Wow, I would love the soda stream because I haven’t had soda in 2 years! I want to know what is going in my drink and so if I was able to turn my juice into carbonated juices then that would be amazing!

  38. Kathy W says

    I want the soda stream because it’s suppose to be a healthier alternative to regular soda and it offers a ton of different flavors.

  39. tonya wagner says

    We love soda but hate the prices and where we store it. Everyone likes something different. A friend of ours bought one and they love it. They told us they are saving lots of money that it has less sugar then normal and they drink less of it and it last a long time. This is something our family would love to have. Easy and fun. :)

  40. Casie McNamer says

    Having 5 people in my family we drink ALOT!! Plus with 3 little ones going to the store to get these drinks are “Eventfull” to say the least! (for me and the other people in the store as well LOL) so having the ability to “get more for less” would be absolutly awesome!! plus its great not being stuck with just the one flavor you grabbed at the store! i’ve had my eye on this product for a while and i’m so excited to enter this give away!!

  41. Angela Lyles-Davis says

    I love soda, my mother loves soda, and it would be nice to cut down on some of the calories and cost of soda. Besides I can’t find enough coupons to keep them stocked at my house.

  42. Kat says

    While I can’t drink the syrup because they put Splenda/sucaralose in EVERYTHING, we used to live in Germany (US now!) and LOVE our carbonated water!!! I would also use torani syurps that I currently use in my coffee to make italian-like sodas!!

  43. Dominique says

    I would LOVE to win so I could save some money! Soda is a big expense, even with coupons and sales!

  44. madonna says

    I liked Frugalchic on Facebook but the reason I NEED to win one is; I can’t afford it at this time and my dentist ( and Dr.) want mean to cut back on soft drinks. So I think switching to HEALTHIER ones would be a step in the right direction!
    Wish me luck fellow followers.

  45. Lisa Griffith says

    We are a family of 7 who all like different soda flavors. That leads to a lot of waste. I love the idea that soda stream does not contain HFCs and the bottles are reusable. Being able to make only what we need in the flavors we want would be such a great money saver as well as allow us to reduce all those cans and bottles in our blue bin!

  46. Diane M. says

    We drink different sodas in our home so the Soda Stream would be perfect for us! Being able to easily add different flavors is awesome. I especially like that it does not have high fructose corn syrup or aspartame (aspartame gives me a serious migraine). Soda Stream would allow me to be even more Earth Friendly by not having to buy Liter soda bottles and storing them. I conserve as much as I can and having a Soda Stream would make our lives much easier. Since I have breast cancer and am unable to work, a Soda Stream would certainly save us money and taste better as well! I have signed up for the newsletter and, of course, Liked you on Facebook. Thanks!!!

  47. Amy Ayscue says

    We buy 6-8 soft drinks per week but I just love seltzer water b/c I love the bubbles! It would be a very cool kitchen gadget. I love gadgets!

  48. Sharon Williams says

    Why do I NEED the soda machine? Let me count the ways….My firefighter/paramedic husband lives off caffeine laden sodas to stay away and keep going. He blows through a 2 litre almost everyday. Is this healthy? No! Does he need it? Probably so! I don’t give him much grief over it because he’s the one working 24 hour shifts every other day. If I could eliminate the trips to the store and reduce the money we spend (a firefighter’s salary doesn’t exactly give us alot of wiggle room) that would be fantastic!

  49. Annie says

    Following you on twitter and liked you on FB. Subscribed to your newsletter.
    The reason I would like to win the soda stream is because my family and I are making an effort to go green. My husband drinks ALOT of soda! So besides recycling the cans, we could go green with sodastream . He consumes enough soda that it would make a difference !

  50. Melissa says

    I think this would not only be a use cost saver but it has less sugar than regular sodas. Since I have just had my mother, sister and nephew move in with me this would be a huge blessing to have.

  51. sandy weinstein says

    i would like it b/c i feel that it would save me money. i dont drink that many sodas mainly b/c they have gotten so expensive in my area. i do drink lots of flavored waters which are also expensive.

  52. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to have this for our family so we can have all the flavors we want without the plastic bottle waste.

  53. Tabathia B says

    So that I can make my own sodas and save money by not purchasing sodas

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  54. Michelle S. says

    I get tired of lugging heavy cases and 12 packs home from the store, I think this is the perfect solution.

  55. Linda Higgins says

    I would love to win this. I have been looking at it in the store but it’s not in my budget. I do home daycare and this would be a great treat that the kids could actually have since it can be healthy with no high fructose corn syrup. Following you on twitter as pandas4lyn, subscribed using my daycare email & FB under my name. Hope to hear from you!!

  56. Kellie says

    My whole family would love to have this! We all enjoy drinking different drinks and when you have to pick between only buying one or two, someone is not happy. This would solve that problem. Plus my eldest saw this demoed at a store and it is now at the top of her wish list. I think she would designate herself out own in-house “barista” in order to have one of these.

  57. Jessica Lodge says

    My spousal equivalent spends $1.25 at least on a soda each day. We need this so that he can get a little more frugal with his soda budget.

  58. Katy M says

    I’d love this because I’m tired of paying for premium soda, lugging it home, then wasting all of the containers- even though we do recycle. Plus, we love plain soda water and “fizzy water”.


    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  59. Wendy Pesce says

    I “need” this cause I would like to offer a healthy alternative to soda in our household. I love the fizzy taste, but not the unhealthy soda/calories

  60. sheri scarpa says

    Oh my gosh! we buy so much soda, this would be such a blessing! thanks for the chance to win it! Love your blog too!

  61. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would love to have because I have four kids and they are always wanting drinks and this would be a lifesaver for my budget

  62. michelle oakley warner says

    i guess we dont need a soda stream but would love to have one, i dont buy soda too much so this would be a great treat for when we do want soda.

  63. tam childers says

    Need it cause hoping it will help us cut down the cost we spend on soda during a month and hopefully healthier.

  64. april yedinak says

    I need it, because I drink a lot of carbonated beverages and I want to be more eco-friendly.

  65. Michelle says

    Single mom and the kids love soda but can’t always buy it:) This would be a great thing to have in those situations!! Love all you information…read your website daily!!

  66. pat says

    Thank you for all your great help in saving a few pennies here and there. They add up quickly. I not only get your newsletter, I watch you on WVEC. I would love to win the soda stream for my friend. Thanks and I hope you have a great day. Good luck everyone.

  67. Nancy says

    My husband is a huge soda-holic, so we need this for the savings and I need it for the convenience!

  68. Wendy Pesce says

    I “need” this because it is healthier alternative to reg soda, and better for the environment

  69. Janie Kazee says

    I really need a Soda Stream because my family goes through so much cans and bottles of pop. I have been wanting one for awhile but cannot afford one at the moment. good luck to all !

  70. says

    I would love to win the Soda Stream!! We drink quite a bit of soft drinks in my home and spend way to much money! It would be better for the environment instead of all the cans and bottles we use now!
    I have liked A Frugal Chick on Facebook under “Clipping to Save”
    Followed A Frugal Chick on Twitter under Clippin2Save
    And bonus I shared this Giveaway on my Facebook Page with my readers on Clipping to Save!!! I wand one of these so bad!!

  71. Tracey Libbrecht says

    I would love the Sodastream machine for so many reasons. Just a few are: To be “green”, it would save space where my empties usually go and save time by not having to return empties.

  72. Wendy says

    My son wants one of these, and I would love to try it. It seems like it would be much more practical and economical than buying soda in plastic bottles.

  73. Jennifer Parker says

    This would be a blessing as. We do not drink soda but do enjoy sparkling juices my kids like unique homemade juice and this would allow for the sparkling aspect.Thanks

  74. says

    I need a Soda Stream because we spend way too much money on canned sodas and it would be so much better to make our own at home.

  75. Jennifer Davis says

    I really need this, my husband and I go through way to must regular soda and diet soda a week. The are so many plastic bottles that stack are ridiculous. Where I live there is no recycling unit where I live so I have to tote about two weeks worth to the recycling unit in another neighborhood.

  76. Nancy says

    I LOVE SodaStream, years ago (over 30) when I was in high school we had one, at that day and time only the Schwan company sold these, and my mom was a Schwan addict LOL!! The new machine is much better, I got one for Christmas, but I know a family member that I would love to gift one. So far, since Christmas, I haven’t yet used an entire canister, but have used a couple of bottles of flavoring

  77. Eileen says

    I would love to win a Sodastream! My family is always looking for ways to save money and reduce the amount of trash we put out!

  78. Lynne says

    My children would have such fun with this and they would love that we aren’t creating more waste!

  79. Carl says

    Having diabetes, soda stream would be a great way to switch up the types of drinks I can have, and would allow my family to enjoy a variety that my diabetes doesn’t allow sometimes.

  80. Vicky says

    I would love a soda stream! It seems like such a cool thing plus it saves the enviornment! We drink soda and I cringe at how much cans and plastic we are using. Even though we recycle it’s still items in the waste lands. We would be so excited to win the soda stream!

  81. Peggy Bates says

    This would be an awesome machine to own! It would save me cash at home & work too. As an occupational therapy practitioner I could incorporate this in treatment with some of my higher functioning patients as a fun activity! Thank you for this offer… hope to win one!

  82. Carol says

    We would love to have the Soda Stream. We don’t drink a lot of sodas because the cost and space needed to store them is too much. This would solve both issues for us.

  83. Traci Goldman says

    I need a soda stream because I’m tired of lugging those 12 packs of soda home from the store. Not to mention what I pay for that stuff! With 4 kids under my roof and 2 away at college it would be very helpful. Thanks for offering the give away!

  84. Alyssa DiGeronimo says

    I would love to try a sodastream! If it is as good as they say, my husband will be even more excited than me he’s been bugging me for us to get one!

  85. Nicole says

    I would love to have a sodastream because I love soda and it is so expensive!! The sodastream would help me save more money.

  86. Traci says

    We love soda, and have been wanting the Sodastream forever, but just can’t afford it. I would LOVE to have this to save on soda, and to create less trash!

  87. Celina says

    did all of the above… i would love one because we are trying to use less but we drink alot of sodas so we are constiantly having cans and bottles i would truely love to be picked been wanting to try this for a long time

  88. Julie McColley says

    I’d love to win to try it out & drink some sodas without aspartame, and it looks like fun!!

  89. Angie Brecka says

    I’ve been wanting one for a while we are pop-oholics. We do recycle but the amount of space it takes up is crazy and the time to rinse and crush. I also think we could save a lot of money pop is outrageous.

  90. Wanika says

    I have been eyeing the soda stream since it came out. We are a family of 5 and have a variety of taste with one thing in common. We all LOVE soda!!!!! However My son loves Coke Zero and Coke. My husband loves Cherry Coke Zero. I drink Diet Coke. One of my daughters drinks Diet Coke, Fanta and Mountain Dew. My youngest daughter is a type1 diabetic and can only drink diets, but she likes Cherry coke zero, coke zero, diet Mountain Dew, Diet Coke. I tend to stock up on soda’s when they are on sale, but that takes quite a bit of space and recyclables! We just can not afford to buy the soda stream right now :(

  91. Debbie M says

    I need a soda stream because my son goes through 3 2litres of coke a day. This would save me many trips to the grocery store! ♥

  92. Toni Roehlke says

    I would love to try a sodastream! If it is as good as they say, that saves money, and bottles! It would be a great deal, and I’m so excited that you’re giving one away!! :)

  93. kathy Grizzle says

    I would get great use out of the soda stream due to the amount of soda my kids drink it sounds much bettert than the traditional bottled soda plus the number of plastic bottles it would cut down on.

  94. Rose says

    I was witness to a demo of the soda stream two years ago and was very close to getting one but it was Christmas time and I wasn’t thinking of me. My kids tried to get my husband to get me one but that didn’t work either. I would love one. They were as impressed with it as I was we would love one.

  95. ioana c. says

    i would love a soda stream!!! my parents in law have one and its so easy to use and the soda tastes great!!

  96. lisa b says

    I would like a soda streamer because my kids drink alot of pop and I think soda streamer would be better for them instead of regular pop

  97. jeff W says

    I love the site, and use your info on a regular basis. I am addicted to sodas, and I thought this would be a way to do soda more naturally and control my sugar intake.
    Thank you for all the great info!

  98. Ann says

    I would Love to Try this I have wanted to for a while but, I am Handicapped and can’t really get out of the house that often. So it is not often that I get soda That is a luxury to me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed thank you very much ann Kaufeld

  99. Lisa Warren says

    I need the soda stream because I like variety! But to get a variety of soda/juice/water flavors means filling my fridge with drinks right now!

  100. says

    I drink 3 litters of soda a day. 20+ years ago I use to make my soda till the place went out of business and it was great . Would love to do it again with all the new stuff that has come out too

  101. tiffany patton says

    i need it to save money! instead of chasing sales i could “quench” my addition in home :)

  102. serena ames says

    I would love to try it, i drink a lot of juice and am interested in the flavored seltzer

  103. kathy klaverweiden says

    My husband drinks a lot of soda and this would make my life so much easier since I do most of the shopping with my 5 children.

  104. Kim G says cool. I need the Soda Stream because it has less calories than traditional soda!! Thanks!

  105. Doreen Sowers says

    I need the soda stream because my husband is a diet coke addict. I have added up that we spend between his fountain drinks and 12 packs of diet cokes close to $160.00 a month. I think this would be a huge money saver

  106. Michelle S. says

    I need a soda stream because I’m tired of lugging heavy 12 packs and cases of Coke home from the store!

  107. karla says

    We would like the soda stream because we do entertain quite a bit and this would definitely save on trash and money; especially money!

  108. Laura says

    I’ve been lusting after one of these for a while! I think it would be a great way to cut back on my (terrible for you) Diet Coke habit.

  109. Tamara Irizarry says

    i need the soda stream because it’s look like fun and it’s also great for the environment.

  110. Shannon McDaniel says

    I need this Soda machine because I love SODA! Especially for the carbonation. I could drink soda all day long but I know its not healthy for you and I have heard the SODA STREAM is better for you. Thanks for the chance to win.

  111. jessica enscore says

    I need the Soda Stream so my husband can have his carbonation without nasty stuff in it! He LOVES soda!

  112. Bobbie says

    I need a soda stream to help save on the weekly household budget; which can’t get much thinner right now!!!

  113. Shawna Williams says

    I subscribe to your amazing email, that has helped me save money, also because you were so passionate at the coupon class it was contagious.

  114. Shawna Williams says

    It would help cut down the amount of bottles and cans consumed in our house, its Earth-friendly.

  115. Kathryn King says

    Would love to try this out! Would make life easier! Children would love trying different types of sodas. Would not have to worry about flat sodas. Loved the add where it showed the drinks exploding as the drivers were making deliveries of the drinks on their carts as well as the trucks. Really like my Coke but trying to cut back on sodas and drink healthier drinks. “Like” your Facebook, Follow on Twitter when I get a chance to get on! Subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks for the heads up about Freebies, Samples and Deals!

  116. Michele says

    I need soda stream because I’m addicted to soda and it would benefit my pocketbook to not have to buy sodas for the house every two weeks. Plus it will be fun for my teenagers sleepovers!

  117. Tammy says

    This would be a dream come true :) With 5 in my family we go through the 2 liters every month.. It would be so nice to have this machine, saving the wear on my back (from loading and unloading all those 2 liters) , allowing more storage space and alot less waste. I absolutely love your website, it’s saved in my favorites and makes it so convenient to know that I can walk in any time click on it and know that if there’s a good deal out there.. I’m going to know about it :) Thanks for all your hard work!!

  118. Lisa C says

    I would love to have this so I can cut down on waste. There is no longer curbside recycling here & the drop off location is simply too far for me. I have wanted one of these for ages, but simply couldn’t justify spending that much money to my hubby when we’re trying to live frugally. If I had the machine already, he would totally be on board with using it.

  119. Debbie Richards says

    I want one to give to my daughter because she’s always wanted one and being a college girl it would save her tons of moneyAND I’m already subscribed to your newsletter AND I’ve already liked your page!

  120. Stacey says

    I like you on FB and subscribe to your emails.

    I need a Soda Stream because I want my children to have less high fructose corn syrup. Also, they are starting to show an interest in cooking and how foods are made and this would be a great way to show their creativity.

  121. Jenn says

    I would LOVE to add the soda stream to my streamlined budget and diet for 2013. I’m interested in making my own healthy ‘soda’. And I already like u on Facebook and subscribe to your newsletter :)

  122. Tina Z says

    I would love to have a Soda Stream, since you can make any kind of flavor you want and also make sparkling water on the fly! How cool is that!! :)

  123. says

    I follow on FB and Twitter @JMKRobinson.

    I don’t NEED one for myself, but I have a friend who’s son is autistic and addicted to soda. She can not get him off of it, he has terrible fits and will self harm without it. Diabetes runs in his family on both sides and he is obese. I think having a healthier option for soda will do him a world of good.

  124. Kelsey says

    I need the soda pop machine cause I’m always looking to save money some where and every one likes diff kind of soda in this house. Sooo that would be wonderful!

  125. ELizabeth Hambrick says

    I would love a Soda Stream, It would be a lot cheaper than buying regular sodas and my two girls would have a blast making their own sodas!!!! Wanted to see what all the hull-a-baloo was about,and winning this would be AWESOME!!

  126. Deborah Montagna says

    We need to have one of these in our house now as we are working to consume less sugar, make water fun & tasty. As you know bubble make everything taste better! They have just been too expensive for us to buy one so winning one would make everyone in the house have smiley faces!

  127. Mary Beth Elderton says

    A Soda Stream machine would be awesome for us. It’s just Hubz and me at home with occasional flurries of grandkids and company. A Soda Stream would let us keep a variety of drinks around–for us as well as company–without having to take up a lot of storage space in our small home. Speaking of our “small home”—we have been making an effort the past few years to “live smaller” to take up a “smaller footprint.” A Soda Stream fits exactly with that aim in that it needs only the water to be used on the spot and creates very little waste.

  128. sherri C says

    I’ve been a subscriber for a while and am grateful for the time you put in to help us all save money. This would be a great item to have !

  129. Jessica Eason says

    Thank you for the chance to win. I have suscribed to your newsletter which I will look forward to receiving : )

  130. Amanda Denton says

    I NEED the soda stream because I’ve been addicted to soda for awhile and my husband tells me all the time its bad for me and I think this would help me cut back and be alot more healthy! Plus its the coolest thing EVER!

  131. Steven Mobley says

    I would love to have this! I love soda but hate the sugar and the diet drinks have horrible additives. Being disabled, money is always tight. I know this would save me lots of money! I follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and your newsletter. Good luck everyone!

  132. Terry H says

    I need the soda stream so that I can make healthy “pop” for my grandkids, as well as for the rest of us. We try not to buy pop anymore because it’s not good for you. This would be so much fun for the kids. And the adults :)

  133. Apryl F says

    I have really wanted to try this. I love the earth friendly aspect and think it would also be fun! And a great way to have different sodas without having to buy multiple cases of different kinds.

  134. Sarah M says

    I need the soda stream because I ‘m pregnant and trying to avoid sugar . . . but I love bubbles, which makes it hard to cut out soda. So if I had a soda stream I could just add the bubbles to my water and be a happy camper.