Nationwide Review and Give Away: Diaper Junction’s bumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers

When my sister told me she was going to use cloth diapers on my nephew I thought she was crazy.  I had spent most of my life using old cloth diapers to wash my car or scrub up stains in our carpets.  It seemed sort of old fashioned and a lot of extra trouble for no reason.

But she had done her research.  Articles like this one demonstrated the significant savings of using cloth over disposable.  Then she started showing me pictures on-line of the “new cloth diaper.”  They were so cute and looked like they were easy to take care of! 

After checking prices she decided the best place to buy her diapers was Diaper Junction.  They ship diapers worldwide but also have a store in Virginia Beach so she was able to pick up the diapers she ordered.  Plus they have a 30 Day Diaper Test – try select diapers and if you don’t like them Diaper Junction will give you the money back.   She has saved thousands of dollars by using cloth diapers and has gone back to Diaper Junction every time she needed something new (or just wanted a new color).  Each purchase that she makes saves her hundreds of dollars over traditional diapers- even with coupons.

My nephew (the cutest kid in the entire world) is now over a year old and my sister loves using cloth diapers.  I have never once heard her complain about them.  (She was the one who wanted me to work with Diaper Junction because they have always provided her with excellent service and products.) 

Diaper Junction now has a new benefit for their clients- a cloth diaper service.  You can have cloth diapers delivered and picked up at your doorstep!  There is no long term contract or set up fee and you can check out all the info here.  They also have a customer loyalty program called Stash Cash.  Each time you make a purchase in their online cloth diaper store, you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend – points are then redeemed for Stash Cash.  Points DO NOT expire and can be used for cloth diapers, diaper covers, and other cloth diapering accessories.

In conclusion my sister (and my nephew) highly recommend Diaper Junction

Now onto the good stuff- Diaper Junction has given me 2 bumGenius 4.0 diapers to give away to 2 lucky readers!  I had my sister review them today and she sent me a huge list of why she likes them:

1.  Good Sizing (fits newborns 8lbs-35+)  My son is 31lbs and it fits him with plenty of room to expand.
2.  Comes with two inserts.  I had him in this diaper for 3 hours with no leaks.  Very absorbant!
3.  Cute Colors!
4.  Can be used as a swim diaper.  Just use without the inserts.
5. Son has no trouble moving around in the diaper.
6.  Slim fit (not too bulky)
7.  Velcro fastener.  Makes the diaper fast and easy to put on during a diaper change.

Want to try them yourself?  Now is your chance to win a bumGenius 4.0 diaper!   There are five ways to enter this Give Away (you can enter up to 5 times):

1.  Leave a comment on this post.  Tell me why you would like to try cloth diapers.

2.  Like “A Frugal Chick” on Facebook.  Leave a comment on this post telling me you did.

3.  Like “Diaper Junction” on Facebook.  Leave a comment on this post telling me you did.

4.  Follow “Diaper Junction” on Twitter.  Leave a comment on this post telling me you did.

5.  Visit the Diaper Junction blog and leave a comment on this post telling me which article you liked the best.

This contest will run until June 30th.  At that time I will pick a winner and e-mail them.  If they do not respond in the next 24 hours I will e-mail another winner until I receive a response.

And remember you can always try the 30 Day Test Drive now at no risk! 

Good luck!

Disclosure: I did receive a bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper to review for this post.  All that being said my sister wrote the review part along with the help of my adorable nephew.  So I just get points for being a great aunt.

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  1. Kirsten Frank says

    I “liked” both and diaper junction on Facebook. I LOVE cloth diapers. I especially live Bumgenius diapers :O)

  2. Ashley says

    I liked Diaper Junction on Facebook. I also liked the article: “The Art of Cloth Diaper Organization” because she had some really great tips about how to organize the massive diaper stash and accessories.

  3. Theresa says

    I enjoyed reading your article on here. I would be interested in trying cloth diapers since I never tried them with my first child. I’m now 16 weeks pregnant with our second and I think it would be nice to try them out. I’m happy that you included a review from your sister because she does have great things to say about them. I’ve always been scared to use them in fear they don’t fit right or “work” good. Plus, if they can save us money I’m all for trying them out.

  4. Amanda Ohlms says

    I liked the article “HE What Does That Mean For Me?” on the Diaper Junction blog because I’ve been having trouble figuring out the best way to wash my diaper in my HE machine.

  5. Courtney P says

    I enjoyed the blog!! My favorite was “Day-to-day Diapering” because my SIL does the same thing but it presented both sides of the two coins. It was a great read. Thanks!

  6. Brandy says

    I want to use cloth diapers because they will save money as well as save thousands of diapers from ending up in the landfill. Also, I like the idea of my baby having a chemical-free bottom.

  7. Veronica says

    My favorite blog artible was “HE What Does That Mean For Me?”…I have front load HE washer and dryer and never once have given thought to how it is different to wash things like dirty cloth diapers…Very informative

  8. Veronica says

    I would love to have my friend give this a try…she is expecting soon and likes to save $ and use organic materials as much as possible…of course this would cover both of those for her…lol

  9. Sarah says

    I visited the Diaper Junction blog and read the article “Are Newborn Cloth Diapers worth the investment?”

  10. Sarah says

    I would like to try CD’ing with my baby that’s on the way because I prefer to use natural materials on my baby and would like to reduce the waste I’m sending to a landfill.

  11. Kerry says

    I read “Are Newborn Cloth Diapers worth the investment?”

    alsatia23 at hotmail dot com

  12. Kerry says

    I like cloth diapers because they are good for the environment and free of chemicals

    alsatia23 at hotmail dot com

  13. says

    I read a couple of articles, but the HE one was my favorite. We recently moved into a house with an HE front loader…yikes!

  14. says

    We already cloth diaper, so I will tell you why I want to try bumGenius pockets: I have heard fantastic things about them!

  15. D. Kiernan says

    I have become a fan of Diaper Junction on FB! Already of fan of Frugal Chick. And I love the BG 4.0s! We have been able to use ours as nighttime diaper with no leaks!

  16. says

    I actually just started CDing about 2 weeks ago with my 17month old daughter. It was something I had really wanted to do when she was born but due to the fact that my husband had been laid off for 16months we couldn’t afford to build a stash. I was lucky enough to get some CDs (starter ones) at a yard sale, and am thoroughly enjoying CDing my daughter!!! I would LOVE a BG to try and it would be perfect since she is on the bigger end of the scale!! Thank you so much for this giveaway!!!

  17. says

    I most liked the article about organization of cloth diapers, I am VERY new to CDing and sometimes feel a little overwhelmed on how to have them sorted and ready for a change!!

  18. amanda wilkie says

    i like frugal chick and diaper junction on facebook. i want to try cloth diapers because its cheaper in the long run than the disposables we used on my first son

  19. says

    I am going to use cloth diapers when my husband and I start having kids a) to save money and b) because it’s better for the environment :)

    Liked a Frugal Chick and Diaper Junction on FB

  20. Cara Staten says

    I really enjoyed the recent blog post about organization…I’m still trying to figure this out for myself!

  21. Cara Staten says

    We currently cloth diaper our son part time. Once I have enough diapers we will be able to do it full time…I can;t wait!

  22. Elizabeth says

    They are a more responsible choice when thinking about our children’s future and the environment they will inherit from us.

  23. April Wojahn says

    I read:
    HE What Does That Mean For Me? on diaper junction’s blog. I’ve been struggling with finding the right routine with my front-load HE machine. So gathering as much info as possible to find what will work best!

  24. Melissa says

    I liked a frugal chic on facebook.
    been using cloth since August 2010 and loving it!!

  25. April Wojahn says

    I have been cloth diapering my 9 month old for about 2 months… my reasons for trying it (and liking it!) have been to save money long-term, keep sposies out of landfills, and because they are so darn cute!

  26. stephanie miller says

    just read about the 30day test drive…hmmm. that actually might be perfect for us when the baby is born!!! i like that we can actually extend it if we havent decided! i will forward that to my sis, and see what she thinks!!

  27. stephanie miller says

    i am not trying to win this for me, its for my sis, who at 43, is having her first baby!! we thought she wasnt able to have children so this is our little miracle!!! anyway, she wants to use cloth not only for eco-friendly, but the cost as well. we have gotten 2 of the pocket diapers so far, and are trying to get several different kinds to try them all and see what is best for all of us. thanks so much for the opportunity!

  28. Rachel DeHart says

    I would like cloth diapering, so I can save money, be better on baby and earth and their cute.

  29. kristen schoenborn says

    I love cloth because I am frugal and trying little by little to reduce my carbon footprint.

  30. Carrie Martinet says

    I read HE What Does That Mean for Me? Good thing I have a top loader!

  31. Carrie Martinet says

    I follow Diaper Junction on twitter as carriethegood.

  32. Carrie Martinet says

    I’d like to win because cloth diapers are awesome!

  33. Candace Page says

    I enjoyed reading the Battle of the Bulk post on Diaper Junctions blog. It addressed a lot of the same issues I had dealt with. Always great posts on there.

  34. Candace Page says

    Cloth diapering is very eco smart and most importantly so much better for my baby’s bottom!

  35. Heidi O says

    I like the recent article on HE washers, because we have a front loading HE washer, and it’s always nice to get tips on how to get our diapers extra clean.

  36. Cindy Weibley says

    I’m a fan of the Feed Your Stash postings on Diaper Junction’s Cloth Diaper Blog, but as far as informative articles, I liked the one about if Newborn Cloth Diapers are Worth the Investment. Very helpful for me.

  37. Cindy Weibley says

    I use cloth diapers now, but would like to try the BumGenius as I haven’t yet. It is a wonderful way to save some serious money!

  38. Heidi O says

    I love cloth diapers because they’re so much cheaper and better for the environment!

  39. tonya says

    i liked frugal chick and diaper junction on facebook. i would love to use cloth diapers to save money and it’s better for baby and the enviroment. i just dont know which ones would work best so this would be a great way to try the bumgenius.

  40. Samie Beardall says

    Love the giveaway :) Thank you! Friends with frugal chick and diaper junction on FB

  41. tiffany u says

    I would love to try some because I am still a CD rookie and barely have enough diapers to get my 2 girls through longer than 24 hours.

  42. Kiyomi D says

    I liked “HE what does that mean for me”. As I am needing to get a new washer/drayer and it will probably be HE.

  43. Kiyomi D says

    I cloth diaper, but only have one old BG that was given to me. I would love to try a new one!

  44. Mandy Sergent says

    I like the tips and information section. I’m new to cloth diapering, so it is great to read more about options, styles of diapers, etc.
    sarg033 at aol dot com

  45. Danielle Mueller says

    I would really like to try cloth diapers so that I can save money and help reduce waste in landfills. Plus new cloth diapers are so cute!!

  46. Mandy Sergent says

    following diaper junction on twitter: thebalancedmama
    sarg033 at aol dot com

  47. Danielle Mueller says

    On The Diaper Junction blog, I like the article called “HE what does that mean for me”.

  48. Mandy Sergent says

    I want to try cloth because they are better for the environment and I hear that babies get less diaper rash with cloth as well.

    sarg033 at aol dot com

  49. Julie G. says

    I liked the article titled “The Art of Cloth Diaper Organization” from Diaper Junction Blog

  50. says

    I’m already cloth diapering and the reason is because it’s cost saving, great for the environment & my baby’s bum.

  51. Patty Mills says

    I wanted to try cloth diapering for the sole purpose of saving money. What we have gotten is so much more! 1) fewer leaks (1 in 2.5 weeks), 2) no rashes!, 3) sleeping 9 hours, 4) cuteness :p. I let him crawl around in just a diaper now and I wouldn’t have before. Our stash is all bg and we love it!

  52. Alex Thomas says

    Anyone that can save me money I not only like you but I LOVE YOU! :) Thanks!! CAnt wait to begin cloth diapering, my baby boy will be here July 6th!

  53. Jennifer says

    The cost of diapers has me wanting to use cloth on my 2nd child (two in diapers! Yikes!)

  54. says

    I “Like” Diaper Junction….and I have for over a year now!! I am a long time cloth diapering momma on #3!! It has saved me so much money and most of my diapers have come from DJ!!! It’s a great place to get new diapers!!

  55. chelsea lush says

    i visited teh diaper junction blog and like the battle of the bulk article!

  56. Tara Sumner says

    I love cloth diapers! I switched recently & wish i’d used them the whole time! Would love to add to my fluffstash.

  57. chelsea lush says

    i’d like to try cloth diapers because i just learned of Dioxin and the prints are too cute.

  58. jen says

    My daughter has very sensitive skin and eczema so I think cloth diapers would be easier on her skin

  59. Heather says

    i like Diaper Junction on facebook (and ordered a bunch of gro-via one-size all-in-one’s from them :)).

  60. Heather says

    We tried cloth diapers for the first time with our 4th, who is 22 months old, and we LOVE them! it’s all we use except when traveling, which we don’t get to do much of :). reason for wanting to “try” cloth diapers: need more for our 5th, who is due in 3 weeks!

  61. Laura says

    I love cloth diapers. You don’t have to worry about all the chemicals that are in disposables!

  62. bonnye sensenig says

    I really liked the review of the GroVia Diaper- it has been one ive wanted to try for awhile!

  63. bonnye sensenig says

    We would love to try cloth diapers because the thought of the number of diapers in landfills truly sickens me.
    bonnyejean at gmail dot com

  64. Carolyn H says

    I love cloth diapers because they save you so much money over the course of diapering a child

  65. Janice Palmer says

    I used cloth on my children – maybe this will help pass the frugal gene along.

  66. says

    Hi Laura! Thanks for a great class tonight! I am crossing my fingers hoping I win this giveaway!! I love cloth diapering my son! :)

  67. Amanda S says

    I made my own homemade cloth diapers for my son and well Im not a seamstress so they arent great. I have been wanting to try bumGenius, but haven’t been able to due to the cost.

  68. April S says

    Visited the Diaper Junction blog and I’d have to say that “The Art of Cloth Diaper Organization” was my favorite post!

  69. April S says

    I am expecting my fourth child in October. We used cloth when our 4-year-old was a baby, but I gave most of my stash to my sister!

  70. Cheryl Johnson says

    My best friend used cloth diapers for both her children and loved them. She’s been trying to convert me. Winning this prize would be a great way to start!

  71. says

    I have a one year old and am trying for #3-this sure will help save money for diapers because it would fit BOTH of them!

  72. Brittani Darlene says

    My friend uses them and SWEARS by them. I have two sons, one who is 7 months, and buying diapers, even on sale, is sooooooo much money. I’m always looking for a way to save. :0)

  73. stephanie miller says

    my sister is pregnant with her first child, i would love to get her started with cloth diapers, instead of disposable!!

  74. says

    I would like to try cloth diapers because of the money saving aspect and because it keeps disposables out of our landfills!

  75. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the article on newborn diapers: “Are Newborn Cloth Diapers Worth the Investment?”

  76. Crimson Lynn Miller says

    I enjoyed the article If the diaper leaks…Part 2: Absorbency…interesting!

  77. Crimson Lynn Miller says

    I would like to try cloth diapers because I want to be more friendly to the environment and avoid putting plastic on my babies.

  78. Julie says

    If the diaper leaks-part 2 absorbency was a helpful article to me. My son leaked every night in his cloth for over 6 months. Wish I would have done some research as to why.

  79. Julie says

    I already use cloth with my 21 month old. Have another one coming in September and can’t wait to continue with cloth with him! It is so easy, saves money and feeds my need to be a closet hippie!

  80. Brittany Higgs says

    I want to try cloth diapers because I think it could save me a lot of money and they don’t have chemicals like disposables do.

  81. Christina says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m thinking about trying it when we are home at night because he is wetting through disposables most nights no matter the brand.

  82. Lara J says

    I liked the If the Diaper Leaks, Part 2 – this is very helpful information


  83. Lara J says

    I would love to try as I have heard many great things about this company, but have not purchased one yet.

    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  84. Taci says

    The article I liked the most on Diaper Junction’s blog is “Weekly Green Giveaway Roundup 06-21-11”

  85. Taci says

    I would like to try bumgenius cloth diapers because I hear alot about them, but hadn’t worked up the nerve to buy them yet!

  86. Tymra says

    I would love to try a cloth diaper because my children have very sensitive skin, and most diapers give them a really bad diaper rash.

  87. says

    I have been toying with the idea of cloth diapering for 4 yrs (since my son was born) and now that we are expecting in September we have made a decision that cloth will be the path we travel….affordability is probably one of the biggest reasons!!!

  88. Tiffanny Macomber says

    I enjoyed the article,Why Cloth Diapering is Even Easier than Disposables!

  89. Tiffanny Macomber says

    I would love to try cloth diapering on my LO because disposable diapers ar SO EXPENSIVE!

  90. says

    My daughter has been home for 2 weeks and we are loving our cloth diapers. Washing everyday but I only had a few premie sized ones. Once she is 8 lbs we are good to go like 4 days.

  91. says

    I checked out the Diaper Junction blog and enjoyed the article “Are Newborn Cloth Diapers worth the investment?” It helped answer some questions for me when it comes to diaper baby #2! :)

  92. says

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I have been debating switching to cloth diapers with my baby girl for some time now, so this giveaway might be just the ticket to convince me to do so! :)

  93. Jenna says

    I loved today’s blog post about Cloth Diaper Organization! It really helped me get an idea about how to store our baby’s diapers!

  94. Jenna says

    I am so excited to try cloth diapers with our third child! I’m most excited about all the money we are going to save and not having bags full of diapers to throw out every week!

  95. Susan L says

    Liked the article on leaks–we’ve been trying to figure out why our fuzzibunz one size keeps leaking!

  96. Erica says

    I’d LOVE to try “Bumgenius 4.0” cloth diapers when my new baby arrives in a few weeks!!

  97. Ashton says

    I’d love to try the bumGenius 4.0 because I’ve heard so many good things about it from friends!

  98. Shanna says

    That is so exiting that they have a diaper service now. I was thinking it would be too difficult with out those services so i’m thinking I will try it with my 8 month old son. I will like DJ on facebook. I would much rather do the cloth thing so I could literally save hundreds of dollars.

  99. Angela Johnson says

    I like Diaper Junction on FB. My daughter just started using some cloth bumgenious and flip with her 1st child (3 month old girl) and we are new to the cloth, yet very excited about using them!

  100. Kristi Early says

    I found the Diaper Junction article about trouble shooting leaky diapers to be very helpful

  101. Kristi Early says

    I’m cloth diapering my one year old… mostly prefolds and a few os. Trying to expand my stash on a limited budget, and I would LOVE to try these BS 4.0!

  102. Carrie says

    I want to try cloth diapers because they are better for the environment and the future world my child will live in. They are also great to save money and much healthier for my baby.

  103. Anne says

    I liked reading the blog post about the CD app for the iphone, especially since it’s free!

  104. Anne says

    I currently use BG 3.0 with my son and LOVE them! My cousin is having a boy in August and I would love to share the CD love with her!

  105. Felicia R says

    I enjoyed reading the post about NB cloth diapers. We started CD-ing my LO when she was around 3 months old so we didn’t have to worry about the OS CDs not fitting. For our next baby I want to CD from day 1 and have questioned if NB CDs are worth it.


  106. Felicia R says

    We wanted to try cloth diapers because we try to be “green” when we can. Cloth diapering was one way we could cut back on our waste and also help our wallets at the same time!

  107. Sabrina says

    I currently use fuzzibunz. I would live to try the bumgenius 4.0 because I’ve never tried them. Heard they are better than the 3.0 though!

  108. Nikki T. says

    Visited the Cloth Diaper Blog and liked “Are Newborn Cloth Diapers worth the investment?” I, too, was scared of the bulk and leak issues with my first little guy.

  109. lacey henry says

    I really found “Are Newborn Cloth Diapers Worth The Investment? ” to be very helpful. I was unsure on whether I would use CD’s for the first month but now I’m leaning towards starting with them from day one!! Thanks!

  110. lacey henry says

    I am now pregnant with my second child and my husband and I think that using cloth diapers will not only be better for our baby, but better for the environment. We could use our money for many other things instead of disposable diapers. We are so excited to use them. Our oldest is 8 and we used disposable and now wish we would have used cloth. So happy that there is so much information out there and so many women willing to help each other! Thanks so much!

  111. Shannon says

    I liked the article on DJ blog – Why Cloth Diapering is Even Easier than Disposables!

  112. Stephanie says

    I found the article “If the diaper leaks, part 2” very informative for someone with zero cloth diaper knowledge.

  113. Stephanie says

    I’m expecting my first child next year and I haven’t decided on cloth or disposable yet. I’m interested in cloth for the environment and for the cost savings you mentioned.

  114. callista lofton says

    i liked the blog about newborn cloth diapers. I didn’t start cloth diapering our 2 year old until recently and am pregnant and would like to cloth diaper right away with this next baby so the blog was really helpful.

  115. callista lofton says

    I would like to try the bumgenius diaper. I just started cloth diapering to save money and help the environment and only have a few different kids of diapers.

  116. amber timm says

    I just started using cloth on my 3 week old a few days ago and I’m loving it! Would love use more BG’s!

  117. Rachel N says

    I Like the newborn cloth diapering is it worth the investment post on diaper junctions blog

  118. Jessica Howe says

    I like Diaper Junction on Facebook and go to the Cloth Diaper Blog often. Being a very new cloth diaper user, the blog has tons of helpful information that I can refer to and other peoples opinions on what works best for them.

  119. Rachel N says

    I love how cute a cloth diapered bum is. The cartoon characters on disposables just don’t compare.

  120. Kristin Purnell says

    I like a Frugal Chick on FB! I also love my BG 4.0s I have 5 right now but I can always use more! I’m a loyal shopper at Diaper Junction and I also like them on FB. Can’t wait to see who wins!

  121. Nikki T. says

    I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapering! What a great way to start a stash!

  122. Jessi P says

    My fave DJ blog article is the one where they explain how to wash and care for your diapers. As a newbie this was really great info for me and has come in handy as I venture into this cloth diaper world.

  123. Jessi P says

    I like Diaper Junction on facebook. They are the store I purchased my entire stash from!

  124. Jessi P says

    I actually already cloth diaper, but have only been doing it for a few days. I already love it and can’t wait to see how much money I’m saving and how I’m NOT contributing to the mass of diapers in landfills. I would love to add to my stash!

  125. Ashley L says

    I really liked the article called “Nighttime Cloth Diapering, It can be done successfully!” I have seen that this can be a problem for some and that some people even go to sposies at night. It’s great to know there is hope in case I run into the same issues once I begin!

  126. Kerri F says

    I would like to try this cloth diaper! I am new to cloth diapering and so far, have only two inserts and some prefolds with covers.

  127. Ashley L says

    I am due in September and hope to cloth diaper. I would love to try these diapers since they are one size and last for most of the diapering stage! Plus they are super cute and I have heard nothing but good things about them!

  128. Morgan says

    I liked the article on Diaper Junction’s main page on absorption problems. The part overnight was especially helpful as that seemed like the time I would have the most problems (if I used cloth diapers on my son).

  129. Morgan says

    I’ve been toying with the idea of using cloth diaper on and off for a while now. This would be a great (and free!) way for me to see if I like using them on my 5 mo son. :)

  130. Ali says

    Like A Frugal Chick on facebook & commenting here! Would love to try this out-love frugal finds

  131. Elizabeth says

    I would love to try out cloth diapers to see if I could do it rather than disposable – I could really use the extra money we’re wasting on disposables, but I’m not sure if cloth are worth the start up cost for us. I’d love to try them out!

  132. Chris N says

    I have been wanting to try cloth diapering for a while. I have a 5 month old and hate seeing all of the diapers that we end up throwing away each week.

  133. Mindy H. says

    I would love to try cloth diapers so I can save the planet and some money at the same time. My husband is going back to school and that means a big drop in our income, so cloth diapers would be a huge help in that department.

  134. Shandi k Dews says

    I love the blog post about test driving their diaper service for only $25! You cant beat that!! I am definitely interested in trying out the service!!

  135. Heidi says

    Used these with my daughter and will never go back to disposable diapers! They worked better for us than disposable!

  136. Shandi k Dews says

    I have a little one due on July 1st and have heard great things about cloth diapers, plus they are great for the environment! I would love to try these diapers!!! Plus they are SUPER cute :)